How to Learn SEO?

The basics of learning SEO

You can learn SEO in a variety of ways. Following popular and reputable publications and blogs in the industry can help marketers site owners learn the current strategies and tactics applicable to SEO and remain abreast of the latest changes and advancements in the industry. Stay on top of industry trends to avoid falling behind your competition when SEO evolves as it does every few monthsdiscover how to learn seo - brightedge.

SEO learners can also take advantage of a variety of paid and free classes available to help them learn more about the industry. Before you decide to commit time and money to learning SEO, you'll need a strategy for creating a website if you don't already have one. Build out pages and explore keywords that pertain to your industry and for which you want to appear in the SERPs. SEO is a major point of entry for your future customers, and once you start seeing results, you'll want to create more content and optimize around specific keywords, providing unique and informative content for your users. You'll need to pin down who your audience is and create optimized content, whether text, video, images, or audio that is relevant to them.

You can learn SEO before you've created a website, you can utilize SEO best practices to optimize the content you already have published, or you can learn SEO before embarking on a site migration or redesign.

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How do I start learning SEO?

We recommend that people who want to get started in SEO begin by identifying a few blogs and publications they can follow to help them start to learn about the industry. Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Marketing Land, for example, can provide excellent insight into different tips and strategies related to SEO. Our own blog at BrightEdge, works to provide users with a firm grasp of SEO best practices and how to put these ideas to use in their own content.

These sources all regularly publish updates related to the latest changes, news, and algorithm adjustments made within the industry. This will help learners feel confident that they remain updated on the latest strategies and best practices.

You can read BrightEdge's reviews of the available SEO books in our blog, Best SEO Books and find a book or to two to help guide you in your development. 

Classes have also been produced by a few different sources. At BrightEdge, we offer courses on SEO that help people learn how to effectively optimize content on the BrightEdge platform. This hands-on course makes it easy for people to learn how to effectively use the platform to maximize the visibility of their content and bring in more traffic and leads. Start with our SEO Explorer and Traveler quizzes.

In addition to all of these resources, one of the best ways to learn SEO is also through working on and refining your own site. Your site plays a unique role in the digital ecosystem and you have to take into account the intent of your target customers as well as the strategies of your competitors. As you begin to optimize your own site, you will learn more about which best practices and strategies make the biggest difference for your specific domain. You can fully understand your progress by tracking it in the BrightEdge platform with dashboards and real-time reporting.