How Do I Optimize a Landing Page CTA?

  1. Determine the value of your offer for customers and use this as a basis for building your forms.
  2. Remember that when unsure, it is always best to delete a form field. You want your customers to see completing the form as a small investment for their time and effort.
  3. Create a CTA based on your offer.
  4. Write your CTA in first person point of view to build a relationship.
  5. Always run A/B tests to see the impact of your CTA form and to ensure that it is fully optimized for your specific audience.

The human brain is constantly evaluating offers in terms of cost versus reward. Everything to the mind "costs" something, whether that is money, time or even just your name and email on a form.

Landing pages require you to tap into human psychology by understanding how people view your content and calculate the cost of your offer. Optimizing these two elements will help you maximize your conversions.

Create a good landing page that converts with these tips - brightedgeWhat makes for a good landing page?

Once you optimize the content on your landing page, you might think it is ready for customers. In truth, even the details of your call-to-action and form can impact the number of conversions. Customers are sensitive to factors such as the number of fields included in forms and the language you use in your CTA.

How to make landing pages that convert?

It is important to keep your form proportional to your offer if you want to be taken seriously. In other words, if all you are offering is a basic ebook, then asking for much more beyond a name, email and company name will often require too much of customers and can lower conversion rates. If your offer is something more valuable, such as an in-depth case study that the customer cannot get anywhere else, then asking for more information, such as the person’s position at the company, might be appropriate.

When determining the length of your form, it is always best to err on the side of brevity. One study found that a decrease of just one form field led to an increase of conversions by about 50%. Only ask customers for information that you absolutely must have to serve them.

What do customers want to see from my CTA?

If you have already optimized your content, then you know about creating a strong value for the potential lead or customer. Your CTA is where you make the final push towards the conversion. This makes it essential to get these last few words right.

Studies have shown that landing pages see more conversions when the CTA is written in the first person. In other words, you should be creating CTAs and buttons that say things like, “Start my download” instead of “Start your download”. This helps people feel more connected to the product or service and feel a personal benefit from converting on your page.

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