Landing Page Best Practices For Better SEO

Landing page SEO will better your user's experience - BrightEdgeHow do I do landing page optimization?

Your landing page is one of the most important parts of your site. It is the page where all of your hard work to nurture visitors and encourage them to get closer to you is put to the test. Here customers have the opportunity to convert and either become an official lead, supplying you with valuable information about who they are and the motivations they have for visiting you, or they become paying customers.

As humans, we like to think that our decisions are driven by facts and objective reasoning. Research has shown, however, that an impressive amount of our decisions are driven by emotion. In other words, whether or not your customer converts on your landing page is not just determined by objective reasons that you are the best in the industry. Rather, your page needs to be optimized to make sure that your visitors feel good about the decision to convert on your site.

What elements impact landing page SEO?

There are two key content elements that you need to consider when determining whether or not a user will convert on your site.

  • Your offer
  • Your images

What offer should I have on my landing page?

A quality landing page will make a compelling value proposition. You will show your visitors a clear advantage to converting on the page. This offer will be described using engaging language. You might have testimonials from past customers or logos of customer brands indicating that reputable organizations that have found this offer worthwhile. Your description should leave your visitor feeling as though a failure to convert will leave them seriously missing out on something.

Do images matter for landing page optimization?

Your landing page should not be crowded, but there generally should be at least one image that helps people visualize your offer. Some brands find that images which describe their offer, such as a picture of a book for an ebook, work well. Otherwise, images of customers using your product and looking satisfied are also good choices. The rule is to find images that complement your offer and make it look more intriguing.

How can I improve my landing page SEO performance?

Creating strong landing page optimization requires regular testing. You will need to run numerous A/B tests to optimize your content. Test the way you phrase your offer, the position and size of the image, different colors and nearly any other content feature you can imagine. Modifying even the slightest details can result in an increase in conversions, which will then provide you with more leads and more revenue.

Landing pages are a critical part of the site building process. As you create your page, you will need to pay close attention to the content elements you use. Continually test your selections to make sure that your audience is responding to the choices you have made.

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