How Do You Boost Landing Pages with Data?

A great landing page design can help better the user experience - BrightEdgeWhat is a landing page?

Your landing page is the place where your customers convert. You have spent your time and energy creating and optimizing landing page content to coax them closer to your brand, and your landing page is where they take the official step and become a lead or a paying customer. You have successfully convinced them that you have authority in your industry and that you have something of value to offer them.

Landing pages can vary widely. You might offer free e-books or white papers in exchange for lead information. You might also have landing pages where you sell individual products and services.

Regardless of the goal of your landing page, each one has some features in common:

  • It contains a short description designed to convince your visitors to take the final step and convert
  • Your content is offered for a price, whether that price is money or just contact information
  • The page requires intimate analysis to maximize the number of conversions

How do you make a landing page design that converts?

Landing pages can be challenging to develop. It is easy to view them as simple since they do not have too much content, but they require insight into your competitors and into customer psychology. Small details, such as the color of your buy button or the phrasing you use when describing your offer, have all been shown to impact conversion rates-- sometimes drastically. Data has the power to give you the insight you need to better understand your customers and how your landing pages compare to your competitors, empowering you to reach your full potential.

What should a good landing page design have?

Data can offer you keen insights every step of the creation process.

  1. Use data from competitor sites to create a landing page that borrows some of the most successful features
  2. Continuously run A/B test on features of your landing page, including your:
    1. Text
    2. Colors
    3. Images
    4. Forms
    5. Layout
  3. Implement changes that allow you to build a landing page that maximizes its appeal to visitors so that you get a strong conversion rate.

Layout pages require precision and careful consideration to ensure that they meet the needs of your customers and maximize your potential conversions. Data will help you reach your goals, thereby increasing your leads and growing your business.

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