The Value of Guest Blogging

What is a guest post?

A guest post is when you are offered space to write a post on someone else’s blog or website. When you create a post for another site, you are given the opportunity to engage with a new audience and present your ideas, which can be a great chance to promote your brand and provide technical benefits for your own site and content.

See this example of guest blogging opportunities - BrightEdge

Why is guest blogging important?

When you write a guest post, you can cast yourself as a thought leader within your industry. The site you are posting on has their own audience that has come to trust that particular website and their opinions. By inviting you to create a post, they are telling their audience that you are trustworthy as well.

Writing a post for another site provides you with an excellent opportunity to promote your ideas and build your brand as one that this new audience should listen to. If your new readers like what you have to say, you can help expand your brand’s prospects and encourage new people to enter your sales funnel.

Is guest blogging good for SEO?

Guest blogging opportunities can be a great way to boost traffic and encourage backlinks. Depending on the site where you're writing a blog post, you may be able to create backlinks to your guest piece as sources or in your biography.

Keep in mind that your host is not looking to post a sales pitch, so do not overuse links to your site. However, if you have a page with incredible insight into a relevant subject, it can be a good opportunity to link to it. This helps build quality backlinks, which can boost your rankings.

If the host wants to NOFOLLOW any links back to your website, there are still opportunities to promote yourself. You will be encouraging people to check out your background and visit your website, even if it does not count as a backlink. The traffic and engagement rates will also help improve your page’s ranking.

Writing a blog post for another website tips and tricks - BrightEdgeHow do you write a guest post?

  1. Identify a few websites and blogs that have strong visitation numbers and would be open to having you write a post.
  2. Create content for your own site that is strong and offers the level of insight that the host site will want to see.
  3. Nurture relationships with the host site by engaging with their material and form relationships with the people at that brand.
  4. Ask if they accept posts from guests and have content available to promote. They will want to see sample articles so they can judge the quality of your writing and how well you will fit with their audience.

Writing a guest post can be a great way to build visibility and take advantage of the enormous crowds that follow a variety of sites. If you intend on guest blogging, take the time to find the right blog and develop a high-quality piece to get started.

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