Google AMP Pages May Drive More than Just Mobile Results

What are Google AMPs?

Google AMPs (Accelerate Mobile Pages) are ultra-light pages that can be delivered faster and can serve a page 15% to 85% more quickly. Mobile is huge. Google has known this for some time and they effectively threatened to delist anyone that wasn’t prepared to serve up mobile and tablet optimized pages. The industry quickly adopted a responsive web design which looked great on a mobile device, but did little to address the lack of patience that mobile searchers exhibit.

google amps are important for page load speed - brightedge

While AMP has been around a while, it’s adoption is extremely low. This has created a bit of a “land grab” atmosphere where top rankings are there to the first site that, all things being equal, can deliver the fastest load page experience. At BrightEdge, where Google AMPs pages are automatically built for all pages published on the platform, the results for customers have been strong. We’ve seen numerous clients rise to the number one ranking in an otherwise competitive space largely because, we believe, they were the first for a given keyword to publish to the AMP standard.

Beyond BrightEdge data we understand that Google reps are increasingly pushing the AMP standard as a standard for landing pages. Those in the pay-per-click space are seeing significant reductions in their cost-per-click when they landing pages match the user intent of the keyword search phrase and they speed up their landing page delivery with AMP.

We’ve been aggregating data for customers publishing at least 50 pages on the platform and see a couple of clear trends. Customers that optimize with AMP are certainly seeing improvements in mobile organic searches, but more interestingly they are seeing significant improvements in conversion rate, time on page, and pages per session. At first we thought these general improvements were just because AMP performed so well on mobile searches, but a deeper analysis of the data concluded that all these numbers improved on the desktop side as well.

Does Google Reward Desktop Results for Google AMPs?

Yes, Google defined AMP and it greatly increases speed and is preferred and required for some universal search elements, like news.

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