Mature Content To Become A Thought Leader

learn to mature content successfully - brightedgeWhat is the process to mature content?

Maturing content is a process that brands go through as they progress from early content development efforts to becoming industry leaders capable of engaging customers across the different channels. Brands are divided into five groups along the path. As brands mature in their processes, they enter the next stage.

The content maturation model offers brands insight about where they need to improve and the steps they need to take to bring their organizations forward.

5 Steps To Become A Thought Leader

How do brands mature content?

  • Stage 1-2: Emerging and foundational stages. Brands here are just beginning their content efforts. You are randomly optimizing and perhaps testing paid search. You have limited social media efforts and most of your content is written by one person. You use little technology and have little integration.
  • Stage 3: Scaling stage. You are beginning to use organic and paid search strategies. You are testing your efforts and making adjustments as needed. Social media is recognized as a valuable means of distributing and amplifying your content. Since you know how your customers respond to your content, you are able to adjust as needed. You will also see early signs of cooperation among different marketing teams beginning to take place. Your technology stack begins to form and you start to identify the tools you will need to grow your brand.
  • Stage 4: High performing stage. Digital marketing is becoming more central to your organization and organic is the keystone of your efforts. You are taking advantage of a variety of tools, including competitor monitoring, digital trends and social media. Silos are breaking down in your organization.
  • Stage 5: Innovation stage. These brands are at the forefront of the digital industry. You use search to drive everything from PR to digital strategies. Your technology stack has grown and silos are nonexistent.

How do I mature my organization to become a strong content marketer?

  1. Identify where you are on the curve for mature content.
  2. Focus on training employees about the process of maturing content so they know what they will be expected to achieve in the near future.
  3. Build strong buyer personas so that everyone in the organization knows exactly who they will be marketing to.
  4. Invest in training your marketers in analytics so they begin using data to guide the content creation process.
  5. Develop in-house processes dedicated to stretching marketers beyond their silos to create more hybrid teams.
  6. Set goals for reaching the different stages of the maturing content process.

Mature content is important for all brands to go through as they bring their organizations from digital infancy to adulthood and leadership. By identifying where you are on the path and understanding where you need to go, you will be able to guide your team towards the top and transform your organization.

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