How Does PR relate to Content Marketing?

How does PR relate to content marketing?

With the Internet and content marketing, customers have changed how they look for information. Rather than wait for brands to come to them, they actively go online and research the products and services that they desire. These customers also help to spread publications and articles about topics that interest them through social media. This has changed how PR professionals promote their brands.

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Publications have also changed. Now, it is not just major newspapers and magazines that PR professionals can look to for coverage. Now there are also a host of online blogs that are actually highly respected publications. Even the brand’s own blog can be a useful way to spread information to the company’s audience.

It is also common for major publications to be most interested in thought-leadership pieces that are written by authors with large followings that will come to read the piece. These publications want to increase their own exposure.

What is content creations in public relations?

Both content marketers and PR professionals want to present their business to the general public as an authoritative, useful resource. They want to form a relationship with their potential customers.

Many PR professionals are already beginning to notice the relationship between their sector and the broader digital marketing industry. According a report published by Vocus State of PR:

  • 78 percent of PR professionals use social media to share and promote content
  • 50 percent use social media to share coverage
  • 44 percent cultivate relationships through social tools
  • 29 percent make pitches to reporters through social platforms.

As more professionals notice the link between PR and content marketing, those who fail to adopt the latest techniques will find themselves falling further behind.

How do PR and marketing work together?

  1. Have your PR team and content development team discuss common goals, such as brand awareness, to help them see how their efforts can complement each other.
  2.  Educate your employees about the unique roles of PR and content so that the end goals of each are understood. Content marketers want to tell the brand story to connect with people, PR wants to reach the right people. They want to get the brand image in front of customers build a positive reputation.
  3. Know when to use major PR outlets for announcements or news. This will vary depending upon the company and the extent of their social presence. News you want to come from an authoritative source might be better received if it was published in an established publication if you only have a small social audience.
  4. Regularly publish high-quality content that provides value to the users. This is the type of content people share, which can then spread brand awareness.
  5. Measure your customers’ reaction to your content and PR strategies and adjust when necessary.

PR and content marketing are quickly colliding as professionals realize the value of content in promoting brands. PR professionals who want to remain relevant in the digital marketing world should keep these principles in mind as they move forward.

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