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Recognized by Forbes and as a must-attend conference – next week on October 24th -26th – Share16 plays host to a unique mixture of leading brands, search and content marketing practitioners and digital marketing influencers. Featuring over 70+ speakers from leading brands and technology titans, such as Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Salesforce, and Adobe… Share16 will be the ONLY place to be in San Francisco.


This year, my 5th year as the Content and Speaker Chair, Share16 is also bringing together the highest concentration of brand marketers, thought-leaders, and technology executives in this industry and is the only event in the industry that focuses 100 percent on peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

At Share16 we are delighted to host leading brand speakers from;

REI, Marriott, Wiley, GroupOn, PennWell, Citrix, Centrify, VMWare, TimeInc, The Food Network, Forrester, OpenTable, Comcast, HP, Hallmark, Staples, The Denver Post and many, many more!

Sharing Share Insights – Speaker Snippets

Share’s program content is developed in conjunction with our partners, client brands, and industry thought-leaders. The focus is not only delivering inspiring content, but also ensuring that every session is jam-packed with information, case studies, best practice guidance, and actionable takeaways for peers.

This year Share16 will have the following tracks:

  • Search Advancement – The latest from the top performers in the industry, including some advanced sessions for those who are ready to go deep.
  • Content Optimization and Digital Integration – How experienced marketers from learning companies are creating, optimizing, marketing, measuring, scaling, and collaborating across their organizations.
  • Business and Career Elevation – An exciting new track that focuses on how to grow digital marketing and its impact across your company and how you can use that to advance your career.

Below are just a few ‘content snippets’ from some of the speakers coming your way at Share16.

Note: final session titles subject to change at the discretion of the speaker

Industry Keynotes

share16 marketing crossroads speakers

Oracle, Joyce Boland, VP, Global Applications Marketing

Oracle, Kelvin Gee, Senior Director, Global Marketing Transformation

How Oracle has transformed from product-centric to customer-centric org

Facebook, Rachna Sethi, North America Performance Marketing Lead

How Facebook is making the world more open and connected

share16 closing keynote speakers

97th Floor, Chris Bennett, CEO and Founder

Search Intent, Content and Micro-Moments

Google, Thao Tran, Global Product Partnerships Lead

The future of the mobile web – AMP and the Progressive Web

Search Advancement Track

share16 san francisco landscape

 1) Algorithmic change and response: SERP positioning and SEM alignment

Exclusive, Nik Rajpal, VP of Marketing Sciences

15 Ways to Lose Your SEO Rankings

Wellbiz Brands, Danielle Yuthas, Sr. Digital Media & Marketing Specialist

The changing SERP – Making the most of 2016 and preparing for 2017

Performics, Ryan Sullivan, SVP, Performance Services

The Future of  Optimization, Voice and Machine Learning 

Learn more about this session here 


2) Advanced Mobile Optimization: Accelerated Mobile Performance

Google, Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead

Google and Mobile SEO – How things are changing

Time Inc, Binti Pawa, Head of SEO, Director Food, Lifestyle & Luxury (FLL)

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Are you AMPlified?

Food Network, Jason Stevens, SEO Director

Cooking with AMP

Learn more about this session here

3) Data Sources and Data Sets: Mastering Analytics and Integrations

Google, Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate

Taking Your Analytics Practice to The Next Level – What’s new with GA

Marriott Digital, Freddie Blicher, Senior Manager, Corporate SEO

How to Think Like an Analyst, Measuring Page Performance

Majestic, Dixon Jones, Marketing Director

How to Evaluate the Whole Web – A View from Space

Learn more about this session here

4) Technical Site Configuration: SEO Friendly Design, Build & Infrastructure

Wiley, Austin Kane, Sr. Manager of Search Marketing

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Technical SEO

The Pampered Chef, Jacqueline Urick, Head of SEO (SEO Manager)

How to Win Devs and Influence Sprints

SEORadar, Mark Munroe, Founder and CEO

Protecting your SEO from Technical Mishaps

Learn more about this session here

5) Global, Local and Mobile Search: SEO, PPC and Social Synergy

Forrester Research, Collin Colburn, Researcher

Marketing in the Post-Digital World

Noble Studios, Chad Hallert, Director of Digital Strategy

The Power of an Integrated Search Strategy

Learn more about this session here

6) Insights from In-house experts: Technical Tactics, Conversion Strategies

Salesforce, Alex Bullo, Digital Marketing Mgr. SEO Audience & Acquisition

Comcast, Sean Kainec, Director of SEO

Adobe, Kirill Kronrod, Manager, Global SEO & Search Analytics

Learn more about this session here

7) Competitive Benchmarking and Building Your Ultimate CMO Dashboard

Overdrive Interactive, Harry Gold, CEO

BrightEdge, Brian Moore, Director, Client Services

Learn more about this session here

Content Optimization and Digital Integration Track

share16 san francisco landscape

1) Intelligent Content for the Customer Journey: Engagement & Experiences

Microsoft, Alex Volk, Director of Traffic and Content Strategy

Leveraging External Signals to Drive Content and SEO Effectiveness

YouTube, Jonathan Schmucler, Global Expert, Branded Content Strategy

Creating for Impact on YouTube

Learn more about this session here 

2) The Content Management Cycle: Optimizing Content for Scale & Efficiency

BFO, Steve Krull, CEO

Sustainable Content Marketing Cycles

Consumer Reports, Steven Saltzman, Managing Editor

Building Content with a Plan: Content with a Purpose

Groupon, David Langrock, Sr. Director, Marketing Services

How Content & Ecommerce Work Together

Learn more about this session here 

3) Content Metrics That Matter: Traffic, Engagement, Conversion & Revenue

PennWell, Eric Baudais, SEO Campaign Analyst

Gaining Insights, Building Metrics from Combined Data

Citrix Systems, Jaimee Stauffer, SEO and Content Marketing Strategist

From Insight to Action: Using data to drive results

Resolution Media, Dan Toplitt, Associate Director, SEO

Cross-Channel Content Metrics that Matter

Learn more about this session here

4) The Search, Social and Content Marketing Trifecta: Digital Branding & PR

Search Laboratory, Chris Attewell, SVP Americas

From SEO to Online PR – how we evolved our organization

Croud, Clark Boyd, VP, Strategy

Form and Factor – The Path to Meaningful Content Measurement

Centrify, Rachel Freeman, Director of Integrated Marketing, Digital

The Influence of PR on SEO: An In-house perspective

Learn more about this session here

5) Managing Multiple Digital Channels: Finding the Perfect Mix

Emarsys, Allen Nance, CMO

Machine Learning + AI Scaling Digital with True Personalization

VMware, Cindy Phan, Sr. Manager, Digital Demand Strategy

Building and Integrated Digital Frameworks

Performics, Paul Williams, VP Director

Understanding Intent for Cross-Channel Experience Creation

Learn more about this session here

Business and Career Elevation Track

share16 san francisco landscape

1) The Digital Marketing Maturity Model: People, Process & Technology

Kelly Rivard, SEO Strategist, Hallmark Cards

100 Years of History, 1 Year of SEO: Hallmark in the digital space

HPE, Vicque Chan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Build and Maturing Process to Effectively Drive Overall Performance

Learn more about this session here

2) Creative Storytelling & Evangelizing Success: Selling Ideas, Building Cases

Staples, Michel Kant, SEO Manager, Staples Europe

Scaling In-House SEO by Integrating in the Org One Small Step at a Time

HP, Amy Shipman, Global Digital Go-to-Market Strategist

Problems, Solutions and Influence

The Denver Post, Dan Petty, Senior Editor

Evangelizing and Publishing Success

Learn more about this session here 

3) Digital Career Success Stories: Practitioner to Organizational Leader

Open Table, Scott Lavelle, Director, Global SEO Marketing

Career Development – How to break through internal and external barriers

Mylan, Jolene Pierangeli, Associate Director, Digital Marketing

Zero to Hero: How the Vivarin Site was Revived – A personal story

Red Hat, Jairus Mitchell, Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization

Corralling Chaos, The Open-Source Way   

Learn more about this session here

4) The Digital Marketing Mind: The Psychology of Self Development

Adobe, Dave Lloyd, Principal Consultant, Optimization and Personalization

The 4 Areas of Self-Directed Career Growth

Mel Carson, US Brand Ambassador, Majestic, Delightful Communications

7 Practical Tips on Personal Branding Success

Merkle, Adam Audette, SVP of SEO

How to Develop Hybrid Digital Marketing Skills

Learn more about this session here 

 5) Organizational Design: Building Digital Centers of Excellence

Garrett Mehrguth, CEO, Directive Consulting

Managing and Organizing Marketing Teams by Their Inputs

REI, Eric Hess, Senior Program Manager, Content and SEO

REI, Ryan Ricketts, Senior Program Manager, SEO & UGC

Learnings from REI on a Split SEO Program

Learn more about this session here

6) Panel Discussion on Building an Extended Team: Working with Agencies and Contractors

EXCLUSIVE, Nik Rajpal, VP of Marketing Sciences

Performics, Ryan Sullivan, SVP, Performance Services

97th Floor, Wayne Sleight, COO

Noble Studios, Michael Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer and Partner

Learn more about this session here 

Thats a lot of content !!

We look forward to sharing more insights and hosting you all at Share16.

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Venue Details
October 24 to 26, 2016
Westin St. Francis, Union Square, San Francisco