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Nicole Lopuch
M Posted 10 years ago
t 1 min read

Who says elementary school students should be the only ones to have fun distributing Valentine’s Day cards? At BrightEdge, we wanted to show our affection with a Valentine’s Day Infographic that highlights the Top 20 Innovations we’ve delivered to our customers in the past 12 months! At BrightEdge, our top value is customer success, and we have developed tremendous innovations to help you stay ahead of the changes in search and content marketing.

As a SaaS company, our software is delivered as a subscription and each month we bring you innovative new technologies at no additional cost. Over the past 12 months, we’ve delivered ten feature packed releases – if we listed everything it would be 70 pages. So instead, we’ve chosen to illustrate a partial list of all the great features available in your account today. Happy Valentines Day, we hope you enjoy our Infographic.

valentine's day search trend gift from brightedge