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Sammy Yu
M Posted 10 years ago
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Today marks a very exciting day at BrightEdge, the conclusion of our 5th annual Hackathon! As the Chief Architect at BrightEdge, the Hackathon is my favorite time of the year, and makes up a core part of our engineering culture. BrightEdge Hackathons provide our R&D, Product, and Engineering teams an opportunity to participate in a competition where they can: think creatively, work collaboratively, build incredible SEO technology, and win prizes!

How We Build Products

At BrightEdge we operate with a relentless commitment to innovation. We’re proud to be a leading Silicon Valley innovator that builds 100% of our product right here in Silicon Valley. Our Research and Development team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in engineering, graduates from the Top 10 Computer Science programs in the world.

Our Engineering team brings industry experience from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and Apple. And, in addition to developing BrightEdge innovations, BrightEdge engineers have pioneered big data innovation contributions to Hadoop data warehousing, advancing the field of cloud computing.

Why a Hackathon?

We have three main reasons for hosting Hackathons:

  1. As Engineers, we’re always dedicated to learning new skills, and building cutting-edge technologies
  2. As Hackers, we want to show our creativity by tinkering with code, and coming up with innovative grassroots ideas
  3. As a Startup, we want to demonstrate that enormous results can be achieved in a short amount of time BrightEdge Hackathons involve our entire company, as we first open up a portal for any employee to submit Hackathon ideas. Then teams of up to three Engineers have up to 24 hours to build striking new SEO and Content Marketing prototypes.

I’m truly humbled by the incredible code, creativity, and amazing projects that have come from our team during this year’s Hackathon!

Check out the picture of 1st place team below.

Congrats to the winners of BrightEdge Hackathon V!

BrightEdge Innovations Help our Customers Succeed in SEO

Some of our customer’s favorite features have been developed during past Hackathons. This year’s winning hacks will go through extended development, and will make up some of the great new features announced at Share14 (early bird registration is still open). Engineers work around the clock on projects, and then present their creations to our team of executive judges. The judging is competitive, and the rewards are great. Winning teams get bragging rights, their names engraved on our Hackathon Cup alongside the names of previous winners, and great prizes.

Interested in Engineering at BrightEdge?

As our company grows, so does our team. We’re continuing to hire the brightest minds in engineering. Be a part of next year’s winning Hackathon team, by applying today!