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Jim Yu
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Since 2013 BrightEdge customers have been prepared for the massive mobile shift. BrightEdge was the first to release Mobile search technology way back in March 2013 with mobile and tablet ranking analysis. In August 2013 we built upon this innovation with Mobile Share of Voice and Mobile Site Audit. The BrightEdge platform has been making it easier for customers to optimize and measure mobile performance ever since.

Innovation, customer success and the BrightEdge mobile solution

At BrightEdge our core value is customer success and this value is reflected in the market leading innovations that we continually deliver in our platform. As a leading SaaS technology provider, BrightEdge has delivered over 85 product releases to-date -- all delivered seamlessly to customers accounts without any user action necessary.

BrightEdge has continuously paved the way with technology and research to assist brands in mapping a mobile search strategy.

In 2014 our mobile research found that 62% of search results vary from mobile to desktop and that tablets and smartphones make up 35% of organic search traffic. See how it's helped out customers:

“With BrightEdge’s Mobile SEO we’re able to grow our mobile performance month over month, and it’s a great win for us internally because we’re able to visually understand how mobile is performing by device type across our channels”  - Experian

“From a travel and hospitality perspective, mobile is seeing a tremendous amount of growth. For Marriott we need to make sure that we’re on top of our game from a mobile perspective and BrightEdge visibility will definitely help us” - Marriott    

2015 - BrightEdge customers are ready for the Google mobile algorithm update

Fast forward to 2015 and knowing how to optimize your site for mobile requires a deep understanding of the experience your site is creating today in order to make improvements for tomorrow.

Many brands are concerned about the impact of Google’s mobile algorithm update.

Meanwhile, BrightEdge customers have had technology in place for two years to help them understand their rank and the competitive landscape across 605 local, global and mobile search engines - equipping them to win in the competitive mobile battleground.

BrightEdge takes mobile search solutions beyond the webmaster and to the marketer with a comprehensive offering that helps brands understand their organic search and content performance by device.

The BrightEdge Mobile solution allows users to track and measure mobile device performance by:

  1. Tracking and reporting on keyword trends and rankings across device type (desktop, mobile, and tablet).
  2. Measuring actual rank by device in Universal Search with Blended Rank (image, video, social, quick answers, and local 3-pack).
  3. Providing visibility into local organic performance by keywords and keyword groups across cities.
  4. Understanding mobile readiness by providing marketers with a complete Mobile Site Audit.
  5. Optimizing and understand actual mobile performance based on a deep integration between BrightEdge and mobile analytics.
  6. Understanding the competitive organic landscape and Share of Voice for a brand across mobile devices.

The entire BrightEdge platform is mobile aware. Whether you are looking at actual business performance, rank, or competitive performance – mobile is integrated throughout the BrightEdge platform.

The dashboard overview image below illustrates the BrightEdge mobile search solution.

BrightEdge Mobile Search Solution  


BrightEdge customers have been prepared for mobile search optimization since 2013 and our commitment to customer success and market leading innovation equips marketers with the insights and recommendations necessary to succeed with mobile search.

As part of a new ‘mobile solution’ blog post series BrightEdge will be taking a deeper dive into the platform mobile solution as per points 1-6 above. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks.

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