BrightEdge Accelerates Content Marketing Vision With Breakthrough Tech

Company Unveils Mobile, Page Reporting and Forecasting Solutions to Help Brands Manage and Measure Their Performance

SAN MATEO, CA – August 22, 2013 – Today at BrightEdge Share13, the premier industry event for digital marketers, BrightEdge announced a suite of new product offerings that will further empower brands to seamlessly engage with consumers across all channels. BrightEdge is leading a fundamental shift in how marketing is practiced with its S3 platform, which harnesses big data analytics to help businesses optimize their content and drive revenue from mobile, search and social in a predictable way. The enhanced platform will allow marketers to better manage and measure their content across channels with a new complete mobile solution, advanced page reporting and integrated forecasting capabilities.

"Brands are now recognizing the importance of creating content that resonates with consumers, and it's crucial that they measure the impact of that content to deliver business results that translate directly to ROI," said Jim Yu, CEO and founder of BrightEdge.

Marketers that capitalize on data-driven insights across mobile, social and search are poised to connect with customers in powerful and meaningful ways. BrightEdge builds technology that measures performance based on massive volumes of data, helping brands to develop campaigns that drive traffic, promote engagement and deliver value.

"The scale of this release is unprecedented for an R&D company of our size," said Brad Mattick, VP of Marketing and Products at BrightEdge. "We've been able to deliver an entire mobile solution and build out our complete page reporting technology because we've invested in a scalable platform that supports continued innovation."


Complete Mobile Solution

Mobile is changing the way brands and consumers interact with each other, presenting a challenge for marketers that struggle to convert traffic to revenue. To quantify how mobile generates business impact, BrightEdge recently released the Mobile Share report, tracking thousands of brands and 5 billion web pages. The report highlights a massive and largely untapped opportunity for brands to convert traffic into revenue by optimizing their web properties for mobile. Based on these findings, BrightEdge identified the questions that matter most for mobile marketers and developed an entirely new mobile suite to deliver a comprehensive solution.

  • Mobile Share of Voice builds on patented BrightEdge technology to quantify how brands engage with consumers and stack up against their competition. 
  • Mobile Site Audit scrutinizes customers' entire websites to determine best practices and identify missed opportunities for mobile optimization, revealing how brands can restructure their mobile sites to drive conversions. 
  • Mobile Analytics tools deliver micro- and macro-level insights, providing a detailed yet holistic view of mobile value. 


Page Reporting

Analog marketing is driven by art rather than science, whereas digital marketing is data-driven and inherently measurable. BrightEdge has patented the ability to measure organic search and now looks to the future of content marketing, harnessing the power of big data analytics to give marketers insight into the performance of their content. New page reporting capabilities allow marketers to understand the revenue value of a page, its interactions with social channels, and its search performance.


Search Opportunity Forecasting

Marketers have historically struggled to forecast the future returns of their investments. BrightEdge has extended its patented forecasting capabilities into the S3 platform so that marketers can predict the business impact of campaigns before they take action, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive ROI. With these tools, marketers can forecast outcomes, set goals and hit numbers while measuring the success of their campaigns in real time.

More than 8,400 brands leverage patented BrightEdge technology to drive revenue in a measurable, predictable way. The latest updates to BrightEdge's S3 platform reflect the company's ongoing commitment to helping brands optimize their marketing performance across channels and devices.


About BrightEdge

BrightEdge is the essential content marketing and search platform for modern business. It transforms online content into tangible business results such as traffic, revenue and engagement. BrightEdge's S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. More than 8400 global brands including 3M, Microsoft, Netflix and Nike leverage BrightEdge technology. The company is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York City and London.

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