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Matt Saunders
M Posted 8 years ago
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Did You Know… That the BrightEdge platform offers more ways to track visibility than any other competing software on the market? BrightEdge is committed to providing you the insights you need across mobile devices and local markets in both a daily and weekly cadence. Daily Rankings for local and mobile - brightedge

Daily Rankings: If you’ve ever optimized for highly-competitive heads terms that show wild variability in rank, then you’re familiar with the “Google Dance.” BrightEdge can help you to track performance of volatile keywords and help you understand how you’re performing every day of the week. Not using daily rankings today? Start with a small sub-set of your most important keywords (or those you’ve identified as unstable) and begin tracking performance at a more granular level.

Mobile Rankings: The “year of mobile” is so 2014… or was it 2013. Any way you slice it, mobile search is here in a big way! Do you know how your client’s site visibility differs on tablet and smartphone devices? A 2014 study from BrightEdge determined that mobile rankings differ from that of its desktop roughly 62% of the time. Not tracking rankings on smartphone and tablet devices? Select a sub-set of head, mid- and long-tail keywords and compare variance by device then devise a plan for improving mobile site experience per Google’s best practices.

Local US & International Rankings: Google is personalizing results today more than ever before. It’s not only what you search for but where you search from that influences search results. Whether your client has brick-and-mortar locations or is online-only, localization will have an impact on visibility. BrightEdge can track rankings across hundreds of US cities. Have an international client? We do international too. Ask us about our capabilities in tracking your client’s performance worldwide.