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Matt Saunders
M Posted 9 years ago
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Did You Know…

That the BrightEdge platform makes it easy to keep a pulse on changes to the SEO landscape? Features such as Share of Voice and Data Cube Time Machine provide insight into how tracked competitors are impacted and bring to light aggregate changes in the SERP landscape. Ask your agency CSM for more info!

Data Cube Time Machine can help to spot evolving trends in the search landscape.

In the example below, we have drilled down to view Universal Search results plotted over time. Between June and July 2014 the site experienced a sharp decline in “video” results appearing in SERPs. This change is indicative of a change Google had teased earlier in the year with regards to scaling back some instances of rich snippets within search results. This insight can help to better prioritize the roll out of structured data on your client’s site. Data Cube Time Machine - brightedge

Trended Share of Voice (SOV) allow you to identify the impact of algorithm updates and/or manual penalties applied by Google.

In the example below, we see a major shift in SOV for a client site compared to a core tracked competitor. This data provides insight into why visibility may have suddenly increased for your client’s site at the expense of a competitor who didn’t fare so well with the latest update. Additionally, this info could help to solidify to your client that the work you’re executing is “white hat” and within the confines of Google’s rules or indicative that the strategy you’re executing is focused on anticipating future changes in the search landscape. Trended Share of Voice - brightedge

Events allow you to track external factors – such as algorithm updates – that influence performance.

Utilizing Events provides a quick reference point for any such updates and can appear in notations within Dashboards and overlaid against visibility and analytics data. Provide your clients better analysis and save time by maintaining a timeline of SEO changes right within the BrightEdge platform.