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Albert Gouyet
M Posted 13 years ago
t 1 min read

We are constantly adding new features to BrightEdge, and I’m excited to announce that we have added the capability to flag events in your SEO reports very similar to Event Tracking in Google Analytics. You can now enter notes to flag significant changes and events to your pages, sites, or competitors. These events will be visible in reports enabling you to see SEO milestones directly alongside your rankings.

Events can be tied to a Keyword, Keyword Group, Competitor, or Account enabling you to note significant events only when relevant to the report. For example, optimization changes made to a certain keyword will only surface in reports pertaining to that keyword and keyword groups including that keyword. Larger account wide events such as Google algorithm changes or a site redesigns will be visible on all reports. Once again, we want to thank all of our customers for their great feedback and continued support of the BrightEdge platform. As the leading SEO platform, we always welcome your input as we continue to innovate.