BrightEdge Agency Use Cases

Learn the primary BrightEdge agency use cases and how your agency can gain operational and competitive advantage.

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BrightEdge has a wide range of use cases for how we support our agency partners. The most common examples include:

  • brightedge agency use case 13-Way Partnership Approach – Firstly, we act as partner with our agencies. As a trusted partner, we often will have 3-way meetings where our agency, their client, and our agency team will review and advise on SEO program enhancement. This will cover BrightEdge usage, insights on what we are seeing in the channel, and how we can help provide support the delivery of the agency's client goals.
  • Automated Multi-Stakeholder Reporting – One of the key benefits with BrightEdge is the significant time savings we provide our agency partners in their client reporting. BrightEdge provide integrated reporting through the Page Reporting functionality and also provides a wide range of custom reporting via the Storybuilder dashboarding. This range of flexibility makes BrightEdge a very easy-to-use platform that adjust to a very wide range of reporting needs. Our partners have benefited not only from significant time savings but also provided client access and increased transparency to their customers. BrightEdge allows its agencies to move away from clunky 20-MB Excel reports sent on monthly basis to cloud-sourced, weekly, unlimited automated reports that can be sent to multiple stakeholders.
  • brightedge agency use case 2Providing a KPI that Scales – Our patented Share of Voice has been widely adopted within our client base, and our agency partners have helped provide fantastic feedback to enable us to continue to develop and refine this metric. Share of Voice is highly customizable and has moved the agency market on from having more fixed metrics like Average Rank as a KPI.
  • Saving Time on Keyword Research – Through the easy-to-use workflow of the BrightEdge Data Cube we provide innovative functionality to support our agencies who benefit from huge time savings in regular keyword research exercises. Our platform will recommend new keywords at a page level where the clear content gaps are seen. The power of Data Cube has over 3 billion phrases of keywords and content. Not only does the platform provide regular insights on these keywords and content, but it has reduced common keyword research task time by 80% vs manual.
  • brightedge agency use case 3Scaled Technical Recommendations – The agency partner teams have a range of different talent and scale. The BrightEdge platform is highly flexible to support technical teams: From million-page complex site audits to easy-to-manage on-page recommendations at a page group level.
  • Innovative Insights – A core partner of an agency will help their clients understand market changes to keep them ahead. The agency team can help our partners understand SERP changes from the rise of Quick Answers to understand market share within mobile. They help provide complementary data to support agencies with these use cases to help their customers evolve their SEO strategies.
  • brightedge agency use case 4Reacting to Changes Quickly – One of the most powerful innovations in the last year has been the development of the BrightEdge Anomaly Detection capability. This helps our agency partners quickly identify and react to weekly trends on a range of powerful data sets, including analytics, GWT, social signal, backlink, and rank movements.

BrightEdge has been able to offer us a real unparalleled level of support.

 - Antonia Esposito, Global SEO Lead

We absolutely use Data Cube for our clients. We love it. Clients love it. It gives us insight into search opportunity that we didn’t have previously.

 - Steve Krull, Cofounder and CEO

Hyper-local SEO is core to the business of managing our hotel clients and giving them the competitive advantage.

The best thing about BrightEdge is we can see down to the keyword level and page level and actually really understand how well our SEO campaign is performing.

 - Matt Brown, Head of Media

We were probably spending about 10 hours extracting information per client per week. When we went with BrightEdge and we looked at it from that perspective it was down to about an hour and a half.

 - Heather Fernandez, Senior Strategist, SEO