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BrightEdge has a long history working with leading agencies across the globe.

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BrightEdge does Mobile right. Mobile is important for us at iProspect. It’s important for our clients and important to consumers too.

 - Jim Brigden, Chief Client Commercial Officer

BrightEdge gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results.

The reporting and dashboards are one of the key reasons that I partnered with BrightEdge.

 - Andrea Brown, Head of Social Media & SEO

Working with BrightEdge really allowed us to easily showcase all of the great things that we were able to do and provide for our client.

 - Anotonio Esposito, Global SEO Lead

BrightEdge very much improved the performance for our clients. We’ve had a better level of keyword targeting that has enabled us to realize how well each keyword is performing.

 - Matt Brown, Head of Media

BrightEdge actually helps us in quite a few ways. They help us with new clients, save existing clients, drive business, and drive strategy for SEO because of the information and data they provide. We can drive strategy for our clients, and we can really make search work.

 - Steve Krull, Cofounder and CEO