Use SEO to Increase Holiday Sales

7 ways to capture more online sales this holiday season by pulling the SEO lever now

In this paper you will learn how to prepare for the holidays, including:

  1. Understanding where the best search demand is on a query basis
  2. Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in desired keywords
  3. Leveraging steps 1 and 2 to create a targeted keyword list
  4. Developing content to focus on those keywords
  5. Optimizing your landing pages to improve conversion
  6. Using a platform that gives you a full picture
  7. Preparing for mobile and offline/online cross channels

Marketers who invest correctly will reap the maximum reward from the high-powered holiday season. From identifying keywords to developing content opportunities to monitoring revenue on a comprehensive platform, with BrightEdge every step of the process is backed by concrete numbers that help deliver the bounty of holiday revenue.

Leverage the full white paper to increase your online sales during the holiday season.




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