Elevate Your Email Program with Marketing Automation

Use high-impact email marketing tactics

Over 60 percent of marketers say that email marketing produces ROI for their organization, demonstrating the continued value of this mature digital channel and this is especially true for B2B marketers according to Marketing Sherpa. By 2017 an estimated 206 billion e-mails will be sent every day to 4.9 billion e-mail accounts.

Well executed email provides a highly cost-effective way of targeting both your prospects and established customers with specific, relevant messages they may find useful, entertaining or valuable. Email marketing can be automated and scaled quickly, deliver immediate results and impact most stages of the sales funnel. In terms of demand
generation, email can help leads that enter at the top of the funnel move through the funnel further.

Deliver immediate results and impact most stages of the sales funnel with the help of our full whitepaper.


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