80% of CEOs Do Not Trust Their CMO

Learn how to use BrightEdge Opportunity Forecasting to convert executives into SEO supporters

It’s true. A study polling 1200 large corporation and SMB decision-makers revealed that 80% of CEOs do not trust and value the opinions of their CMOs. 

And it’s no surprise, especially when marketers make these common mistakes:

  • Failure to align strategy with business objectives
  • Failure to understand ROI
  • Failure to predict, forecast, and fully own outcomes

In this webinar led by Scott McAndrew, Chief Digital Officer at LaneTerralever, you will learn:

  • How to become adept at BrightEdge Opportunity Forecast to build a winning plan for executives
  • What it takes to earn the respect that SEO deserves in the C-suite and beyond
  • How to deliver a convincing plan that will turn any skeptical CEO into an SEO believer excited to boost the SEO budget

This webinar will give you the framework you need to receive high-level support for your SEO initiative. You’ll learn how to set the foundation necessary to attain the results you already know are possible, so that no matter what level you are in your marketing organization, you’ll look like a hero.  

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