SVS SEO Revenue up 200% with BrightEdge

Keenan Davis, Sr. Director of Marketing at SVS, advocates for BrightEdge's ease of use and deep, actionable insights

Transcript of SVS's SEO Story:

SVS is a home audio brand. We try to create immersive audio experience. Imagine watching your favorite shows--Game of Thrones--in surround sound.  We try to produce products that allow people to experience some of their favorite movies, music, streaming TV in such a way that it's just a much more enjoyable experience.

I've been a BrightEdge customer for going on nine years now, since 2011. So, I'm a bit of a lifer.

As I move roles, move companies, I always wind up going back to BrightEdge, bringing them on board. For me, the level of insight that you get through Data Cube initially. There's a lot of innovations coming up now; but all these various tools in my toolbox, at my disposal, to help me evangelize SEO in my companies; it's just super-powerful.

There's one thing with me by myself saying this is important. It's a completely other thing, when you can bring the numbers and the data to support you behind it. And the way the BrightEdge dashboard presents things in such a user friendly in way, that even the highest execs of my company can get it in an instant. That’s the part of our BrightEdge is just really strong.

From a research standpoint, for instance like the BrightEdge Recommendations is probably a really good example of that. Where if you're trying to implement technical SEO, instead of digging around and rooting around trying to find the right thing to do, it just serves up to you on a platter. But all that research aspect of it is not taken off our plate, all we have to do is execute.

A year and a half ago we had no quick answers whatsoever. We’re now at quick answers that are approaching 100 quick answers.

Everyone knows video is important, but we didn't realize how important it was for the universal search listings, so we started getting video popping up as well.

I've been with BrightEdge at SVS for four years now and have consistently grown by double digits every single year. Its peak was, I believe, two years ago when it was something like 60 or 70%. But it's no matter what it’s still consistent growth.

The revenue brought in by organic search prior to me working with BrightEdge at SVS since; it's up to 200%. It's really amazing how they were able to hone in using BrightEdge tools, how much I can run up traffic, and turn traffic into revenue.

As BrightEdge continues to innovate and add more and more resources, introducing products, it allows me to walk away from some of the other things that I have to use. The user experience of the dashboard itself, night and day when you compare the two different platforms. Those two things in particular, the user experience one is really important because I have the younger, less experienced people on my team who are trying to understand SEO. BrightEdge presents the data in such a way that it's like a light bulb goes off. And that aspect of it becomes really easy for me to evangelize SEO throughout the organization.