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BrightEdge provides Justin Young, Manager of Corporate Digital Marketing at Starkey, with the all-in-one SEO platform to keep his SEO program running at peak efficiency

Transcript of's SEO Story:

It's myself and an analyst who kind of give the direction and the consulting of SEO for And we have three writers and a handful of creative people. We have a handful of people who do the measurement and analysis of SEO for our .com, as well as integrating with our content, writers, our creative team, and our development team to fill every need to make sure we rank as high as possible in the very competitive vertical of hearing aids and hearing related devices.

Our SEO program is pretty unique where we have to curate content for people seeking hearing aids for personal use and people seeking hearing aids to sell to patients. We've kind of developed our website to fill the need of needs of both - where people can research products and how they help people from a technical capacity.

BrightEdge has helped us develop the strategy to meet that unique need of fulfilling both of those audiences for

The goal of is to be the online experts of hearing loss and hearing aids. We have two pillars of the website itself. Where one side is all about hearing loss; it's the kind of upper funnel, if you will, of the user journey. Where people are exploring and understanding what hearing loss is, how it happened, how do you treat it, how is it preventable, and how to live with hearing loss once you realize you have it.

Then we have the other side of which is all about the hearing aids itself. We talk about our products features and benefits, a little bit about tiering and cost of the products. Because, again, it's a unique website where we have to have content for both the user and the seller.

The marketing executives are very aware of the shift to digital. They know how important it is to invest in digital tools and platforms to be present and combat, defend your visibility on search engines on the internet. That's part of why I'm here. They see the value in investing in search engine optimization and being present in a digital space. For a long time, even up until the last five years, print was still working very well in the hearing space.

The integration with Google Search Console and the supplement of ContentIQ are probably my favorite features in in the BrightEdge platform. ContentIQ is awesome because it gives the very easy direction to improve your website from a technical perspective. And then just feeding in Search Console data into BrightEdge gives that holistic view of what Google is seeing and how and the power of BrightEdge is combined. It creates this kind of magical spot of search tracking and insights and recommendations to make the right decisions to keep your web properties present on Google, Bing, Baidu, any of those search engines throughout the world.

We do lean very heavily on BrightEdge to give us the right recommendations, the right direction and decision-making powers to share those insights to our developers and content writers. I pull reports once a month to provide technical direction for our striking-distance keywords, low hanging fruits, to make those small tweaks to get present on page one.

Anything that we're not ranking for that is interesting content or instruct interesting phrases; I provide to our content writers to make pages for our blog posts and anything that's kind of the quicker content that we can develop and push out in that moment to get ranking on those keywords we're not ranking yet.

We used another platform for a little while. We found it, for lack of a better word, clunky, and it was hard to align one keyword to one page. Because we understood that there are many different phrases and pages that can be tied to a page on your website.

And also, the customer service we've heard of and received from BrightEdge, was also attractive at the time. Ever since joining BrightEdge, we've been able to get a better understanding of pages on our website by tying a primary keyword with a handful of secondary keywords to the page. It just fundamentally made more sense to approach search engine optimization that way.

The customer service and support and insights we've received from our BrightEdge team is unbelievable. I work with a lot of vendors and my favorite monthly calls are with BrightEdge.

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