Keyword Discovery

Identify opportunities for growth

We all know that content performance is a dynamic space and practitioners are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand their footprint or maximize their impact. One key area for growth is through new keyword opportunities, but most keyword discovery tools simply surface similar “relevant” keywords rather than identify the most strategic opportunities for growth.

With BrightEdge S3 you can leverage cutting-edge technology to build or expand your keyword portfolio to increase your organic search footprint and drive more relevant traffic to your site. BrightEdge S3 discovers and then prioritizes new keyword opportunities by those factors that drive the top and bottom line for your business, ensuring that practitioners target the keywords that are high-converting or within “striking distance.” With BrightEdge, potential revenue guides you to help choose which keywords to focus your efforts on.

  • Build a keyword portfolio - With BrightEdge S3, build out or add to your keyword portfolio with confidence. Quickly identify your highest revenue driving branded keywords as well as a list of high converting, long-tail keywords (with the competitive landscape in mind) using BrightEdge’s patented, reverse index of the web: SEO X-Ray.
  • “Bucket” keywords into categories - Grouping keyword into “buckets” is an essential component of organizing your data in BrightEdge. Categorize keywords by verticals and hierarchies, brand and non-brand, geographic locations and campaigns surrounding specific events for maximum insight into your content performance.

  • Identify keyword gaps & opportunities - BrightEdge S3 helps you identify those keywords that your competitors are optimizing for but aren’t including in your keyword portfolio (gaps) and those keywords that your competitors haven’t yet optimized for but would drive relevant traffic to your site (opportunities).
  • Prioritize keywords - Most digital marketers focus on increasing the traffic to their site, but the savviest realize that not all traffic is created equal. With BrightEdge S3, you can instantly prioritize your keyword opportunities by search volume, conversion rates, or “striking distance” so that you focus your content performance efforts on the low hanging fruit for quick wins, while continuing to move the needle on long term content performance strategies.

  • Long-Tail scalability - Leverage SEO X-Ray, BrightEdge’s massive reverse index (half a billion keywords), to identify opportunities to expand into the high-converting long-tail while monitoring your competitors’ long-tail strategies.

SEO Keyword Discovery

BrightEdge is a comprehensive SEO platform which allows you to really track multiple SEO variables, such as, keyword rankings, huge keyword lists, it allows you to see what your competitors are doing and to understand their linking strategies, and it helps you discover new keywords, and keyword groups. Overall BrightEdge is the most comprehensive SEO suite available.