2022 U.S. Travel & Hospitality Industry Research Report

When the pandemic started in 2020, the U.S. travel industry saw immediate and dramatic declines in air passenger volume and hotel stays. The rollout of vaccines in 2021 brought some relief and an uptick in travel demand, which is growing still through the start of 2022.

In this report we delve into a deeper analysis of search trends around travel over roughly the last four years. To do this and to better understand the nature of consumer attitudes and the dynamics of consumer interest across the U.S. travel industry, we conducted an analysis of organic search trends related to travel using BrightEdge Data Cube.

In this guide we will explore:

  • Search trends for the overall travel industry
  • Differences in how the pandemic affected segments of the travel industry, including hotels, flights, and activities
  • Directional insights for the travel industry in 2022

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