Seagate Increases Ranked Keywords by 6X

Ali Macdonald, Content Marketing Manager, Seagate manages content by the numbers

increase in CTR
increase in referred traffic


As content marketing becomes more important for generating organic traffic, it becomes more important to have a well-defined process for identifying themes, producing content, repurposing content and most importantly measuring the overall gains from multiple channels.


Ali MacDonald, Content Marketing Manager at Seagate approaches content marketing like this:

  1)  Identify themes

  2)  Perform keyword research
  3)  Develop a content plan
  4)  Create content
  5)  Measure progress

For MacDonald, the content plan in step 3 includes the marketing objective, the media asset, and the key performance metric (KPI) to measure the performance.

Tracking in BrightEdge


The BrightEdge report captures the dramatic improvement in ranked keywords from 5 to over 32, a 6- fold increase. In addition, the volume and quality of traffic was high with a 15% increase on referred traffic on that topic with a 20% increase in new visitor traffic. The clickthrough rate on the calls to action increased 8% and the campaign was regarded as success by management.

BrightEdge has been huge for us, very helpful.

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