Wpromote Enables 95% of InterDent Offices to Rank in Local 3-Pack

Learn how Wpromote used BrightEdge to help InterDent drive 98% growth in Local 3-Pack rankings

increase in YOY lead volume
increase in Local 3-pack Listings


InterDent is a dentist service organization, representing nearly 200 dental offices across eight states. Before Wpromote, each of their locations had its own microsite with very similar content across all of them which resulted in internal cannibalization of their SEO efforts. In addition, InterDent did not have a content strategy in place, or much visibility into keyword rankings on a per location basis.

Wpromote needed to define a strategy that would provide insight into how each individual dental office location ranks for primary keywords, such as ‘dentist’ and ‘dentist near me’. Also, establish a way to drive more traffic to the website through a comprehensive content strategy with information that was truly valuable to Gentle Dental and SmileKeepers patients.


Wpromote leveraged BrightEdge Hyperlocal Tracking to setup custom search engines for each dental office location which allowed them to simulate searches as if the user were in the area surrounding the dentist office. Because of this enhanced visibility , they were able to focus their efforts on offices that are underperforming in the Local 3 Pack.

Wpromote also utilized Data Cube as a primary resource to figure out which topics and keywords would be used on the InterDent website. This provided critical search volume metrics that provided key insights into what dental topics their audience was demanding. Along with detailed analysis of competitive metrics, they were able to target less competitive keywords until their website had established more authority.

justin mckinney wpromoteTHE RESULTS

After the consolidation of the InterDent website had launched in August of 2017, their website ranked for 62 keywords on Page 1 and had a Data Cube score of 536. As of January 2019, the InterDent website has produced amazing results of a Data Cube score of 330,750 and ranks for 2,439 keywords on Page 1. Finally, InterDent has increased the percentage of offices ranking in the local 3 pack for primary keywords from under 40% to over 98%.

We've seen a 25% year-over-year increase in lead volume from SEO and could not be happier with Wpromote's performance.

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