Wellbiz Brands Masters Local Search for Hundreds of Local Locations

Danielle Yuthas helped many locations achieve highly visible Local 3-Pack results for key terms


WellBiz Brands manages three separate franchise entities: Fitness Together, Elements Therapeutic Massage, and Fit 36, with a total of over 400 locations in 36 states. The parent company looks to provide marketing and guidance to support the growth and revenue of its franchisees.wellbiz national locations map

Yuthas’ challenge was to customize reporting and search engine optimization recommendations to each location or website within a brand in unique markets. She wanted each franchise owner to receive custom reports highlighting SEO successes and opportunities at a brand level as well as an individual studio level. She also wanted to give them the ability to improve the SEO on studio microsites and track results.

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Yuthas took the following approach:

  1. Create a dashboard for each location
  2. Create a location-filtered Data Cube report for each location
  3. Map each location to the local Google search engine in BrightEdge
  4. Create local Share of Voice reports for each location
  5. Add keyword tracking progress reports for each location
  6. Train and enable each franchise representative to use the reports

WellBiz BrightEdge total organic keywords report

Danielle Yuthas, WellBiz BrandsTHE RESULTS

Individual franchises saw dramatic improvement on targeted keywords and started appearing in the first page of the search results. Many locations achieved highly visible Local 3-Pack results for key terms, increased site traffic, store traffic, and revenue.

Educating the franchisees on SEO was a huge challenge. I made training videos on how to use the reports. BrightEdge shows the business value of impacting the Google search results.


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