Ecommerce Retailer Rocky Brands Increases Organic Revenue 30%

McKennah Robinson, SEO/Content Specialist, Rocky Brands

YoY growth in revenue
lift in new users


Founded in 1932 Rocky Brands, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets premium-quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Duty, and Military footwear as well as Outdoor and Work apparel and accessories. The wholesale side of the Rocky Brands family of brands includes, Rocky Boots, Georgia Boot, and Durango Boots. Prior to a year ago, there had not been a dedicated focus on creating SEO-friendly content and optimizing for organic search across these three sites. Now, with a dedicated in-house SEO specialist, Rocky Brands has seen organic growth across the three ecommerce sites.


The Data Cube has been an essential research resource for the foundation of any SEO-friendly content Rocky Brands has put on their sites. They use the keyword and domain research to make informed decisions about what keywords should be the target for each page as well as to conduct competitor research. The Data Cube also proved essential in making sure that the sites are tracking the proper keywords for reporting purposes and highlighting growth to the top-level domain for Rocky, Georgia, and Durango.

Using BrightEdge Recommendations, they optimized the page title and meta tags and enhanced existing content to improve SEO performance. Where content didn’t exist, they developed SEO-friendly content explaining the features of each boot or boot category using the language their consumers use when searching with both direct and semantically-related target keywords. Lastly, they added internal links with appropriate anchor text.

From the beginning of every project to the end, they use StoryBuilder dashboards to track the performance of their content and share successes with the broader team and executives. Having the ability to customize each report to fit the needs and KPIs of each brand has proven instrumental, and the visuals in each chart supplement the data. The Keyword and Page Reporting capabilities have also provided quick on-the-fly metrics when in meetings or when they have needed data for a specific page or group of pages and keywords. On top of this, these reporting features show insight to granular data when a keyword fluctuates in Blended Rank and aids in problem solving and explaining the trends in the keywords that are happening. This has allowed Rocky Brands to edit content to reflect the appropriate target keywords.


Across the primary brands they saw an increase of 1,479 organic keywords on page 1 in Google US in 2018. Organic search revenue is up 30% since January 2018. During the critical holiday shopping month of November, all 3 brands saw an average lift of 13.3% in new users and an average growth of 73.6% in revenue vs. the prior year.

BrightEdge has allowed us to collect research and then implement informed SEO techniques and content on our sites with detailed reporting capabilities that highlight growth in a way that is easy to follow.

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