Lab Equipment Company Labconco Increases Online Leads with BrightEdge

Labconco used BrightEdge to develop a comprehensive content strategy around recovering high-intent keywords from competitors in organic

increase in leads generated


Labconco Corporation is a mid-sized, privately held company dedicated to building superior laboratory equipment. Labconco sells through worldwide distributors and needed consistent messaging and organic rankings across multiple third-party websites. As Dealer Marketing Specialist, Allison Schach works mainly with 15-20 global distributors but provides content to more than 100. Allison was recently awarded the Edgie for Best International SEO. Using BrightEdge, she was able to determine what keywords their competitors were outranking on and focus on those specifically when creating content for all distributor websites and


Allison writes the content and provides it to each distributor so it can be similar without being exact, and the target keywords become associated with their brand name. In addition to the SEO channel, Allison is also responsible for distributor print materials, direct mail, print and digital advertising, and social media. She also shares responsibility for website management, and general content for consists of more than 11,000 product pages and is always growing.

Using BrightEdge recommendations, Schach and the rest of the SEO team optimizes hundreds of articles and product pages on The Ignite Report from BrightEdge is particularly useful in determining keywords to target when creating new content. Keyword Reporting shows the best ranking pages for each keyword. This allows them to determine if they should adjust their preferred landing pages to try and direct more traffic to the page that’s already ranking, rather than a page they would like to be ranking. The Executive Dashboard Report they receive every Monday gives the extended team a quick snapshot of their progress.


Labconco has seen an increase in traffic and sales (the numbers are proprietary, but they are significant) with their top distributors over the last year since Allison has been optimizing these pages and creating content for their distributors.

Since taking over responsibility for those product pages, and Labconco unveiling a website redesign, Labconco has seen an increase in traffic and about an 8% increase in contact submission forms where customers are looking for more information on their products or requesting someone contact them.

While conversions and purchases are more difficult to track with capital equipment, Labconco did see two additional conversions (quote requests) per week in the first six months of using BrightEdge, on two separate pages for freeze dry, and this has continued since. Traffic has been steadily increasing on their optimized pages; Labconco's homepage saw an increase of 463 visits and 7,604 page views per week in the first year of using BrightEdge.

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