Tahoe South Organic Mobile Traffic Increases 345%

LTVA and Noble Studios capitalize on organic with content strategy targeted high-intent travelers

increase in mobile page views
increase in overall desktop traffic


Set high in the Sierra Nevada mountains on the border between California and Nevada is Lake Tahoe. Its most vibrant area is the south shore, better known as Tahoe South, which is marketed by the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. LTVA's longstanding agency is Noble Studios of Reno, Nevada.

Together, LTVA and Noble Studios work to increase visibility of South Lake Tahoe's business stakeholders and, ultimately, drive tourist traffic and revenue to the region.


A recent BrightEdge Research channel performance report re-validated that over 51% of most trackable website traffic is from the organic search channel. This means that all other digital marketing channels pale in comparison.

LTVA understands this priority, and started its quest to improve the site traffic for TahoeSouth.com: the need for quality web visitors who would eventually convert to real-time destination visitors, which means an increase of revenue for local businesses.

carol chaplin lake tahoe visitors authority case study profile photoTHE SOLUTION

With the use of its proven methodology along with BrightEdge, Noble Studios identified the key topics that the people who are most serious about visiting Lake Tahoe are interested in. Next, it set out to develop content tailored to them.

Using BrightEdge's content performance marketing platform to generate and validate opportunities, Noble identified dozens of long-tail search terms specific to the area (e.g. "Best Tahoe Aprés Ski") with lower traffic but tons of relevance and aggregate traffic potential.

Noble used these findings to identify opportunities to both create new content and expand optimize content for long-term results.


Leveraging the BrightEdge SEO platform to analyze mounds of search data, Noble quickly realized that local events drove the most qualified traffic to TahoeSouth.com. These visitors had a lower bounce rate, spent more time on more pages, and converted more often than other visitors.

After optimizing these event pages, the keywords quickly rose in rank. For example, "Dierks Bentley Events" moved from the 101 spot in the SERP to the 16th spot after it was optimized and the number one "Dierks Bently Tahoe" rank was owned by TahoeSouth.com; beating out sites like livenation.com, ticketmasters.com, and Facebook.

After combining seasonal and long-tail keywords with a proven ongoing optimization methodology, the year-over-year results were incredible. Overall traffic to the mobile version of TahoeSouth.com has jumped by 134%, while page views are up 102%. The mobile site also saw a 345% increase in organic search traffic. Overall traffic to the desktop site increased 14% and page views are up 32%. Desktop traffic saw a 38% increase in organic search.

Working with Noble Studios and BrightEdge has helped us better understand what's working, what's not working, and where we have opportunities. This has focused our SEO efforts on the most effective content in order to 'own' the destination in organic search.

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