Teradata Used ContentIQ for Technical SEO and Saw Triple B2B Leads

increase in page one keywords
increase in ranked keywords


In June 2019, the Teradata site and SEO program had a lot of both technical and content issues. It required analyzing what was happening with the site from all angles and figuring out next steps.


BrightEdge ContentIQ enabled Ron Weber, Sr. Global Digital Strategist at Teradata, to see what technical fixes were required. "Seeing that score tick up, week after week has been a key part of my winning strategy." Weber realized that their cloud section was under-served, under-utilized, and under-optimized. He had an SEO-led strategy which doubled the number of pages optimized from 14 to 28 within a six-week time span.

"BrightEdge affects my content strategy in the most impactful way, which is looking at competitors. That is something that has served me well for the number of years I've had BrightEdge. Being able to know what my competitors are ranking for that we absolutely should be ranking for is one of those things that I can bring to any content team and bring them the reason to believe why they need to produce content to capture it."


For Teradata, the number of keywords in the first and second search rank positions have doubled and the number of keyword rankings across the board have doubled. Teradata's number of keywords that rank have increased by three times and, in the last six months alone, they've seen more than a 32% increase in keywords ranked on page one.

The net impact that the leads we're gathering is up three times what they were back in June 2019. The number of leads that are coming from our mega-data customers is significant -- much moreso than prior to doing SEO. --Rob Weber, Teradata

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