Cabela's Masters Content Performance Marketing and Organic Traffic

Jesse Farley leveraged BrightEdge for analytics and performance and elevated SEO as well as his function


Cabela’s is a national physical and online retailer of hunting, fishing, and camping gear. Jesse Farley, Cabela's online marketing strategist, wants to develop and deploy content that guides customers through their journey to purchase and the user experience they sought. With a large catalog of products, Cabela’s needs to prioritize where to put the content marketing focus to maximize results.


“At the end of the day it’s going to be sales, what drives the dollar. We leverage the BrightEdge platform to look at all of the steps to get to that sale from keyword placement to SERP results, to traffic, and then to sales.

The Data Cube has been phenomenal. It allows us to look at where are we in the mix, where we stack up against our competitors, and informs decisions on, frankly, getting ahead of them.

BrightEdge has been really good at providing us with the statistical data that allows us to drive the business forward. Some of our KPIs are our rankings, traffic and then, ultimately, sales.” See Jesse's Cabela's Testimonial video.


Jesse Farley, Online Marketing Strategist for Cabela's“Using BrightEdge allowed us to think outside of ourselves. We want to be able to create unique experiences for our customers that make them feel comfortable and focused in the content they’re consuming.

"BrightEdge enables us to show our executive leadership what we can do and put the metrics behind that that they didn’t necessarily think we would have. So, they hear content marketing and they don’t necessarily know how to monetize that and BrightEdge has allowed us to help get that into their minds. With the BrightEdge platform we’ve been able to communicate the effectiveness of content marketing from the C-Suite up to the board of directors," says Jesse Farley.

"The BrightEdge platform has allowed me to take basically one analyst and treat them as five. It condenses it all into one area to where we can ask the same questions and give the same answers from one platform.”

BrightEdge has given me the ability to elevate not only my program but my career. I’ve been able to really demonstrate to the enterprise how powerful content marketing can be.”