Intent Signal Helps Digital Publisher Increase Traffic

Learn how grew SEO site traffic by 61% for high-value terms

increase in site visits
reduction in bounce rate


Digital publisher STACK Media delivers authoritative content on to help athletes meet their training goals. The editorial team, which leads content development for the site, faced a challenge familiar to digital marketers: how to prioritize their content and SEO efforts to maximize impact. In their quest to acquire new and engaged visitors, and to improve related KPIs (including ranking #1 on SERP), the team turned to the latest BrightEdge innovations to identify keywords that would deliver the best results in the quickest time possible.


The STACK team followed a simple process to find the keywords with the highest potential. Within one month, they launched new, high-performing content by leveraging rich data about opportunities and threats – data they lacked prior to using the BrightEdge SEO platform.

1. Initial target keywords. First, the team used BrightEdge Data Cube to identify 120 keywords that had high search volume and were relevant to the fitness category.

2. SERP visibility. Then, they turned to BrightEdge Intent Signal to analyze the SERP visibility of these keywords. Intent Signal is the first and only solution that tells you whether a keyword has any organic result above the fold on SERP, and whether your content ranks above the fold for that keyword. Within minutes, Intent Signal revealed a subset of keywords with the most promise: keywords with organic listings above the fold where STACK’s content was also within striking distance of ranking above the fold. These keywords were assigned to the “Optimize” category in the Intent Signal dashboard.

3. Competitive research. They then used BrightEdge Share of Voice to analyze the competitive landscape of these keywords, inspecting the content themes and content structure of the page URLs that ranked high on SERPs.

4. Implementation. Next, the team embarked on a clear and manageable action plan. They redesigned the page template to include a new content structure, based on the competitive research. In this new structure, every fitness page would provide readers with comprehensive information on the topic, including performance tips, common mistakes, how-to instructions, and training videos. Then, they launched new web pages with fresh content for their “Optimize” keywords and redirected old pages to the new ones to preserve historical SEO equity.


In just one month, the results proved the success of their approach. The keywords in this optimization project increased site visits by 61%, with average bounce-rate-by-page reduced by 73%. Some keywords jumped in ranking significantly. For example, didn’t rank for the keyword “hip thrust” in March; by May, the company had gained the #1 organic web listing on the SERP for that term.

BrightEdge Intent Signal is a huge time saver for us. Within minutes, you can identify the organic ranking opportunities you're missing and take prioritized actions to win in the moments that matter the most.

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