How Adobe Won 66% Share of SEO Voice

B2B software maker took a bigger slice of the organic traffic pie

growth in organic, non-branded traffic
of organic traffic driven from new pages


A few years back, Adobe found that overall organic traffic to their website for non-branded keywords was very low. They had one product page with all of their features on it (more than 30 of them), but no detailed features page. Though the content was completely relevant, Google was unable to apply one theme to the page, which resulted in low or no rankings for any one specific keyword.


Kirill Kronrod, Senior Global SEO Manager at Adobe, was tasked with figuring out how to improve overall organic traffic to the website from non-branded keywords. With so many features, the existing page he had was quite long and very dense. He decided that he would run a pilot creating 15 individual pages for 15 of the features. Each of these pages was specific to not only one feature, but also to one of the non-branded keywords they wanted to rank for. He found these keywords through his analytics platform, Google Webmaster Tools, and the BrightEdge SEO platform. He used BrightEdge’s Share of Voice report to see how his test performed, not only in regard to traffic gain, but also to see if and how Adobe was able to capture a larger slice of the pie from its competitors.

kirill kronrod adobeTHE RESULTS

In the first year, organic traffic for non-branded keywords grew 8% along with improvement in conversions. Adobe then rolled out individual feature pages for the remaining product features and now 63% of all non-brand organic traffic is attributed to the new individual feature pages. Additionally, the Share of Voice report from BrightEdge now shows that Adobe claims about 66% of the traffic from those non-branded keywords, meaning the 5 competitors they’re tracking through BrightEdge only account for the remaining 34% of volume.

BrightEdge Share of Voice report shows for our set of competitors that we identified... how we were able to establish a really big dominance on non-brand optimization and, based on the findings, how we can expand.

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