Meta Doubles Monthly Search Traffic with Help from
Non-Branded Keyword Research

By refocusing their SEO strategy, the team was able to double monthly traffic with the help of BrightEdge.

increase in monthly traffic
growth in non-branded keywords

The Business Challenge

Historically, the Meta Global Business Marketing (GBM) SEO team had seen great success in driving traffic to their pages with branded keywords and topics. Now they needed to do the same for non-branded traffic, which historically converted at even higher rates. And with more and more businesses looking to grow digitally, there was huge upside in these non-branded keywords.

The BrightEdge Solution

The team began by creating a baseline understanding of the opportunities and threats around SEO. Using BrightEdge’s Keyword Reporting feature, they were able to assess rankings and identify opportunities for growth. The team then leveraged another BrightEdge capability, Site Report, to isolate severe site errors in a visual report. They used the visual insights to communicate with the development and engineering teams and collaborate on effective solutions.


Historically, the organic search channel has earned Meta’s highest levels of engagement and lowest bounce rate. Simply preserving the channel’s position as the leading source of high-quality traffic would have been a significant achievement for the SEO team in the face of a corporate rebrand. What they accomplished, however, went well beyond status quo.

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