QuinStreet Selects BrightEdge to Increase Visibility of Online Media

Competitive Evaluation Confirms BrightEdge as the Leading SEO Platform for the Enterprise

SAN MATEO, Calif – October 25, 2010 – BrightEdge, the leader in enterprise-class search engine optimization platform (SEO platform) solutions, today announced an agreement with QuinStreet, the leader in online vertical media and marketing, to increase the visibility of QuinStreet's high quality content to online users as they search for information and solutions in education, finance, technology, medical and health, and home services. The selection of BrightEdge caps an in-depth evaluation of organic search solutions for scalability, capabilities, and ease-of-use. BrightEdge was also selected for its proven success in deploying solutions at leading online companies in many industries.

As a leader in online vertical media and marketing, QuinStreet is constantly looking for new ways to improve its users' experiences and deliver highly valuable content to help millions of visitors searching for products and services on the Internet find the right information and vendors quickly. QuinStreet needed a technology that could support large scale editorial content to help improve its usefulness to visitors and relevance to search engines. In addition, QuinStreet was looking for a vendor with successful enterprise-wide deployments that could support hundreds of domains and millions of pages with high levels of customer service and technology availability.

"The selection of BrightEdge was the obvious conclusion of our evaluation as BrightEdge combined scale with speed on a very flexible and powerful platform," said Joshua Crossman, Head of Organic Media at QuinStreet. "We quickly had the solution running across multiple sites, our entire team trained and productive, and were able to demonstrate double digit growth in organic search traffic. For enterprise-level capabilities in improving our visibility to users in organic search, BrightEdge was certainly the best choice for us."

"We are thrilled that an industry thought leader such as QuinStreet selected BrightEdge as its trusted partner," said Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge. "This selection continues to demonstrate that BrightEdge is the partner and platform of choice for any company looking to deliver organic search results on a large scale."

QuinStreet selected BrightEdge after an in-depth evaluation of multiple vendors. The criteria for evaluation included:

  •     Effortless Scaling
    • BrightEdge was selected for its unique ability to seamlessly support a large keyword portfolio across a number of sites, and to do so rapidly and with limited time investment.
  • Actionable Recommendations
    • BrightEdge's recommendation engine was able to quickly identify and prioritize keywords and pages that are of high value to users and provide specific recommendations for how to immediately improve the user's search experience for those pages.
  • Trusted Partner
    • BrightEdge made it apparent to QuinStreet that it was committed to QuinStreet's success and ready to invest in the partnership beyond contributing technology. BrightEdge contribution included advice on best practices, deliverables for special projects, and recommendations tailored to QuinStreet's unique needs.

To get more information on BrightEdge's SEO Platform, please visit www.brightedge.com/contact-form.

About QuinStreet

QuinStreet is a leader in vertical marketing and media on the Internet. QuinStreet is headquartered in Foster City, CA. For more information, please visit www.quinstreet.com.

About BrightEdge

Founded in 2007, BrightEdge provides online marketers with the industry's only enterprise-scale search engine optimization platform (SEO platform) designed to increase revenue from organic search in a measurable, predictable way. The company's breakthrough technology helps customers including VMware, Symantec, MySpace and Trulia drive more than $1 billion in organic search revenue annually. Based in San Mateo, Calif., BrightEdge is privately held with financing from Battery Ventures, Altos Ventures and Illuminate Ventures. 

For more information, please visit www.brightedge.com.