Manulife Singapore Improves Visibility & Keywords Move Into Page One

Learn how they leveraged BrightEdge to increase results on page one

reduction in site errors
increase in organic traffic YoY


Established in 1980, Manulife Singapore provides insurance, retirement and wealth management solutions to meet the financial needs of our customers across various stages of their lives. Globally, Manulife Financial Corporation, is a leading global financial services group providing relevant financial, insurance, and wealth and asset management advice and solutions for our individual, group, and institutional customers.

With a digital team in-house, Manulife Singapore was trying to measure how they fared against the competition in the organic space, spending countless hours consolidating data from various SEO tools in vain. A more structured approach would be critical to their success.  

Manulife partnered with BrightEdge to leverage the SEO platform that they could not only track keywords, improve ranking, but also identify opportunities and detect site errors needing technical ­fixes.

“The BrightEdge team provided us with a value-add by not just providing us with a SEO tool, but they would make recommendations based on data. It was like having an additional SEO consultant with the regular sync-ups,” Alvin Lim, Manager, Digital Marketing of Manulife Singapore.


Prior to partnering with BrightEdge, Manulife was “only scratching the surface” when it came to SEO efforts. While they spent time optimizing meta tags, there was minimal optimization beyond that.

Since partnering with BrightEdge, the Manulife Digital Marketing team is able to prioritize specifi­c SEO strategies and works in-house to implement both on-page and technical SEO such as optimizing meta tags. They utilize ContentIQ - pre and post-migration - to prioritize technical SEO fi­xes to advance the site’s overall health. They also emphasize focus around achieving superior content performance.

With BrightEdge, the Manulife team has been able to reduce 75% of their time spent on data compilation. “Prior to using BrightEdge, we spent days to compile the data to analyze for insights. Today with BrightEdge, we are able to easily glean actionable insights and take action to capture new opportunities in less than a day,” Lim said.


With BrightEdge, Manulife Singapore saw a 38% increase in organic visits YoY from 2018-2019 and 60% of Manulife’s priority keywords moved into page one.

Following a Site Audit of Manulife’s URLs, the team was able to reduce 90% of the website errors found following their site migration. Manulife’s SEO team uses Dashboards to report SEO successes to C-level management. “The data and insights are rolled up to our Regional dashboard which is shared with the C-level audience. It helps us to show our growth story from organic search channel,” said Lim.

“Unlike most SEO tools that are disparate and have to be used in conjunction, BrightEdge consolidates all the necessary SEO data and turns them into actionable insights to help focus on continuous performance optimization.”