American Licorice Company
Enjoys Sweet Success with BrightEdge

After unlocking several Quick Wins, the lean e-commerce team uncovered new ways to increase visibility, traffic and revenue.

Organic Traffic
Organic Revenue

The Business Challenge

Selling direct-to-consumer and wholesale, American Licorice Company's eCommerce team is responsible for multiple sites and brands, each with its own products, target audience and competitors. Having achieved several "Quick Wins" in the BrightEdge platform, they were ready to take on a more strategic initiative to drive the business, but they were not sure where to start.

The BrightEdge Solution

Using core platform features underpinned by the power of automation, American Licorice Company leveraged page groups for each brand, product line and content type to maximie visibility. This reporting structure highlighted traffic and revenue gaps, allowing them to identify a strategic initaitive that would ultimately drive more searches to their site.


By the end of 2023, American Licorice Company reported substantial growth in page 1 keywords, traffic and revenue which was attribted back to the organic channel. With help from BrightEdge, the ecommerce team was able to hit an impressive $1M in sales, reinforcing the importance and value of SEO within the company.

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