BrightEdge Brings Search and Content Marketing Together with Content™

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search and content performance, announced today the launch of its new product, BrightEdge Content™. AI-powered and natively integrated in the BrightEdge Platform, BrightEdge Content blends the best of search marketing and content marketing practices to power the development, activation, and automated optimization of Smart Content –– content is self aware and self-adjusting, improving content discovery and engagement.

AI-powered and natively integrated in the BrightEdge Platform, BrightEdge Content blends the best of search marketing and content marketing practices.

Content marketing is projected to become a $300+ billion industry by 2019 (source PQMedia), with more content being created by brands than ever before. However, marketers report only 20 percent of B2C and 50 percent of B2B content are being engaged with. The net result is the loss of website traffic, conversions and revenue. BrightEdge Content empowers SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing teams to deliver Smart Content for maximum performance in organic search and across all marketing channels. BrightEdge defines Smart Content as having three components, all of which BrightEdge Content serves, which are:

  • Customer Discovery - driven by a deep understanding of consumer intent
  • Always on and always optimized – adaptive dynamic and relevant
  • Profitable – primed conversion and easily activated across multiple devices and multiple marketing channels

BrightEdge Content can be used by marketers to create articles, campaign landing pages, blog posts, knowledge center documents, product pages and more. Specifically, it enables:

  • Content Discovery. Leveraging insights from BrightEdge Data Cube™ and the machine learning capabilities of BrightEdge DataMind™, BrightEdge Content surfaces high-value topics through content briefs that target different content strategies, such as stopping competitive threats, or capitalizing on local demand. Content briefs assess the ROI of new content items and prioritize their development by unveiling insights such as topic opportunity sizing and consumer intent, characteristics of top competing content and recommendations for improving content performance.
  • Content Development. Using a customizable workflow that adapts to marketers' review and approval needs, BrightEdge Content guides the content production with an automated wizard that scores the quality and relevance of each piece of content produced. A fully fledged content editor automates the most important – and time-consuming – tasks of content production, such as header tags, cross-linking, copy optimization, image editing, highly optimized CTA's that drive performance, and embedded performance tracking of website traffic and conversion.
  • Content Activation. With a click of a button, marketers can activate new content at any time. Each piece of content is optimized for organic performance and customer experience – such as schema for structure, AMP for better mobile experiences and Open Graph for Facebook. Marketers can amplify their content in social networks for greater visibility.
  • Automated Content Optimization. To ensure that Smart Content adapts to changes in customer and market demand over time, BrightEdge Content injects dynamic content recommendations into every piece of Smart Content created, as well as any existing website page. The recommendations are relevant to the page content, keeping website visitors engaged and ultimately converting. Additionally, because the search landscape changes so frequently, Smart Content automatically adjusts to changes in content formats and standards.

"Using BrightEdge Content, we have increased our organic search traffic by 60 percent in the past year. Its Smart Content outperforms some of our blog content by up to six times. We really are satisfied with the results that we have seen," said Avi Bhatnagar, Director of Digital Strategy at WhiteHat Security and BrightEdge customer. "BrightEdge Content will help us showcase that WhiteHat Security is a subject matter expert on certain topics on application security and dev sec ops."

Smart Content Benefits For Multiple Types of Marketer

BrightEdge Content offers a wide range of benefits for teams across the marketing department: 

Content Writer
Makes it easy to produce the right content at the right time for the right audience

With BrightEdge Content, writers can pair content ideation and strategy with content briefs that will balance content production and performance. Context-sensitive guides ensure that a writer's content adheres to the latest SEO and mobile best practices and outperforms on SERPs, too. With easy review, approval and publication processes, writers can activate and amplify new content faster.

Demand Generation Marketers 
Accelerates campaign and top-of-funnel marketing performance

BrightEdge content enables demand generation marketers to get relevant topic suggestions that broaden audience reach by tapping into local demand, identify informational content opportunities for Google Quick Answers and more. Managers can strengthen performance of top-of-funnel campaign assets with leads, opportunities and pipeline using customizable conversion blocks and content recommendations.

Digital Marketers 
Provides a simple and failsafe way to meet all technical SEO best practices

Digital Marketers are ensured that their Smart Content automatically stays optimized for search and mobile following publication. As-you-type guides built into the editor surface copy and format suggestions that help digital marketers produce pre-optimized content markup and copy without having to rely on technical SEO know-how.

SEO Managers
Expands reach, elevates role and impact across the organization

For SEO managers, BrightEdge Content drives content creation that accelerates organic search rankings, website traffic and business performance. Machine learning provides powerful analysis that saves time for the analyst so that they can work on more strategic projects. And the optimization engine ensures that each piece of content activated is already primed for performance and discoverability before it is live, savings countless hours of time for search professionals that find out later about site errors and omissions

"While SEO and Content Marketing teams have co-existed for years –– working towards the same goal of driving marketing performance –– the technology has never been available to bring together these two previously separate functions," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "Built natively within the BrightEdge Platform, BrightEdge Content provides SEO, content and digital marketers with the power to discover demand, create and activate Smart content that drives overall marketing performance." 

BrightEdge Content is now available to all new and existing BrightEdge customers. You can read more about this latest innovation and download the datasheet here.

BrightEdge Content Customer Testimonials 

Current BrightEdge customers experienced a multitude of awareness, traffic, and conversion successes using BrightEdge Content integrated with the platform's suite of tools.

"BrightEdge Content is truly innovative," said Pauline Montgomery, Digital Marketing Content Specialist, at Duncan Enterprises. "We love the revenue opportunities it uncovers for us through its recommended topics. We look forward to increasing our brand visibility on search engine results pages, and engaging new customers with Smart Content that addresses their key questions and needs."

"BrightEdge Content is delivering solid results for us," said Kenneth W., VP of Operations at Valor Communication. "In the first three months of deploying its Smart Content, organic traffic to these pages increased by 150% cumulatively. Encouraged by the early performance results, we'll be powering additional areas of our website with BrightEdge Content, such as our glossary section. BrightEdge Content helps us soft-launch new products by surfacing content topics that acquire brand new website visitors and customers."

"BrightEdge Content has helped us quickly and easily optimize and publish knowledge-based Smart Content that showcases our deep orthopedic expertise," said Tim Wall, Marketing Director at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute." BrightEdge-published pages now drive 75% of all our online appointment requests."

"BrightEdge Content editor is easy to use, helping us to publish new content quickly," said Benjamin Bykowski, Team Lead, Digital Marketing & Web Ops at Hyland Software. "With automated in-text linking and content recommendations, our Smart Content is quickly found and served on search engine result pages, targeting new market demand. Year to date, we have seen dramatic increase in the number of topics for which our Smart Content was showing up in organic search results."

"We highly appreciate the topic research and discovery capabilities of BrightEdge Content," said Robin Johnson, Listings and Content Coordinator, Society of London Theatre. "They assist us in honing in on key aspects of shows and productions that our audiences are seeking further information about. We leverage the helpful suggestions for evergreen content to garner extra organic traffic. BrightEdge Content has impressive in-text linking that allows us to keep our content well interlinked, discoverable, and navigable. The intuitive nature of the product and its SEO guides help produce well optimised pages. While we've adopted BrightEdge Content only a short time ago, its Smart Content is consistently a strong performer in attracting traffic both organically and, due to its inherent popularity, through social media shares as well."

About BrightEdge
BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, empowers marketers to transform online content into business results such as traffic, conversions and revenue. The BrightEdge S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated deep learning engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. BrightEdge's 1,500+ customers include global brands such as 3M, Microsoft and Nike, as well as 57 of the Fortune 100. The company has eight offices worldwide and is headquartered in Foster City, California.

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