What Makes An Email Marketing Campaign Successful?

Drive traffic lift with an email marketing campaign - BrightEdgeAre email campaigns still effective?

An estimated 91 percent of people check their email at least one time per day. This makes it a highly efficient means of getting in touch with today’s consumers. Customers prefer this method as well-- it is still the most desired means for consumers to receive messages and content from the brands that want to get in touch with them.

These statistics indicate clearly that brands that want to engage with customers can use email for a strong ROI. The key is learning how to build emails that get the attention you are looking to find.

How do you make an email campaign more effective?

For email to be attractive to users and have the strongest possible ROI, it is best to use personalized messages.

You need to make sure you have quality content developed for each of your buyer personas at each stage of your buyer’s journey (link to content for the buyer's journey). You want to have a variety of different types of content-- including videos, whitepapers and articles-- so that you can appeal to the preferences of your different users. Remember that all content must have value to add for customers.

In addition to customizing the email so it accurately reflects where customers are in the buyer’s journey, you also want to create emails that reflect the individual. As people travel throughout your website, you should collect information about them and their needs. For example, when they fill out a landing page form, grab information about their company. The more the emails can be individualized, the better foundation it will lay for a strong relationship with the prospect.

How do I know if my email campaign was successful?

  1. Measure your response rates to emails. See how many people respond to your offers and record your open rates and click-through-rates. This will offer insights into how valuable people view your emails and how engaging your headlines are for prospects.
  2. Measure conversion rates before and after the email campaign. To see how well your email marketing strategy influences buying decisions, measure your conversion rates before and after your email marketing campaign.
  3. Compare to see if improvement is needed in your campaign. Look at all your metrics together, including your open rates, click-through-rates, offer redemptions and conversion rates to see how successful your email marketing strategy is at driving the desired behavior.
  4. Adjust and move forward. Make any adjustments that are needed and move forward with your campaign.

Email marketing can be a very efficient means of contacting customers and presenting them with the value of your brand. The right email will be personalized for the customer and their unique needs while also offering value. Create a marketing campaign that focuses on the user and see how email can help build your brand.

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