What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is what appears above the URL on the search engine results page. It is one of the factors that influences whether a user will click on the link. For example, the title tag: <title>Content Performance Marketing and SEO Blog | BrightEdge</title> will appear as:

Title tag and title tags example - brightedge

Title tag and title tags information - brightedgeWhat makes a good title tag?

There is some disagreement over the importance of the title tag. A page with poor-quality content can stamp an awesome tag on their content and see little to no impact, and high-quality pages can be ranked well even without one that stands out. Search engines rely on title tags to understand the content that appears but it's also imporant for your customers to easily understand title tags as well. You'll want to use title tags as a sort of selling point to click on your link. Include words that draw attention to what your content is offering. Be sure to include a high ranking keyword in your title tag to ensure visibility through search engines. Note that they should appear to the left of your company's name.

While some argue that title tags have little significance, the value of them come in its ability to draw clicks and entice people to learn more about your site. A good title tag tells users that this is an article that will answer their question and encourage them to click. Thus, good title tags can help increase your traffic and engagement rates, improving your ranking.

How do you write a title tag?

  1. Use keywords that help accurately capture the value and content of your page.
  2. Be brief but effective. Keep title tags under 55 characters. You do not want your title to get truncated, and there is limited space available for the tag.
  3. Create a tag that captures the eye and engages people immediately.
  4. Create a unique tag for every page. This will keep you from being penalized for duplicate content.
  5. Always review your title tags after you have finalized your content to make sure it is still a good fit.
  6. Monitor your page traffic, such as with the BrightEdge Page Reporting tool, to see how it is performing.
  7. Make adjustments when necessary.



Title tags can influence how many people click on your link and engage with your brand. Drive plenty of traffic to your site by optimizing and creating title tags that viewers want to see. Draw attention with the basics of SEO. Keep these guidelines in mind and create tags that people are inclined to click to maximize your SERP visibility.

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