Page Reporting

Solve Secure Search with the BrightEdge platform

Google has made secure search the universal default, meaning that 100% of searches are now secure and site analytics will no longer be able to provide user search query data to correlate keywords with site visits, revenue, and conversions. By encrypting 100% of search results Google has proactively enabled the privacy of its users searches from Internet eavesdroppers. This change aligns with online sharing services like Facebook which have raised user awareness around the need to specify which friends and general public see their Facebook posts.

At BrightEdge our top value is customer success, and we innovate to keep customers ahead of the changes in search and digital marketing. Just as Google, Facebook and Twitter are all Silicon Valley technology innovators, BrightEdge innovates with these leaders to help you succeed.

Secure Search also marks a fundamental shift for measuring performance by taking a content-centric approach as opposed to a keyword-centric approach. BrightEdge Page Reporting is the only comprehensive solution for addressing secure search.

For the first time brands are able to understand their total content performance across revenue, visits, and conversions at a page level. Performance can be rolled up into Page Categories/Business Units (i.e. Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Baby Apparel, etc.) as well as at a total site level.

Page Reporting Provides:

  • Comprehensive analysis of total organic search performance – Gain visibility into your business performance metrics (revenue, conversions, visits, etc.) at a site-wide level.
  • Complete business unit analysis – Track performance for individual page categories/business units.

Page Reporting Includes the Following Reports:

  • Revenue Performance Report – Tracking revenue is a key performance metric for many Digital Marketers, as such BrightEdge enables users to understand their revenue performance from total organic search (all organic search engines combined as well as for individual engines configured).
  • Conversion Performance Report – Allows brands to understand how well their pages are converting against the goals they have set.

Metrics Aligned With Your Business

  • Page Groups – View organic search revenue at a page level, or page group level (such as grouping pages for a particular business unit), or site-wide across all pages.
  • Time-based – View business performance metrics by week, month, or quarter, as well as MTD or QTD.
  • Search Engines – View business performance metrics across all organic search engines.

Page-based reporting sheds light on how site changes can affect the bottom line.