Use SEO Meta Descriptions For Organic Success

What is a meta description?

The meta description is the information about your page that appears below the title of your piece and the URL on the SERP. You are generally awarded about 156 characters for this space, although recently Google has been experimenting with including more character spaces for certain results. This may be expanded in the future to provide more sites with the extra how to write an seo meta description - brightedge

Does meta description affect SEO?

Google has said that they do not use the information in the SEO meta description when determining the rank of a website. However, even if there is no direct impact on your placement in SERPs, there is still value to creating clear meta descriptions. Your description serves as a preview to the content on your site, attracting people to your result and convincing them to click to learn more. A compelling description can help you boost your engagement metrics while also encouraging more people to share your piece on social media and even include backlinks to your work. These are the factors that will impact your ranking.

How to write a meta description?

Since you are typically only afforded about two sentences for your SEO meta description, it is important to use the space wisely. Google has increased and then decreased characters for meta descriptions so, you could be seeing some longer snippets around. To create an effective, optimized meta description, you'll first want to discover what keyword you'll be using and optimizing for. Generally, you want to use your target topic keyword somewhere towards the beginning so that you can establish your relevance for readers immediately. You want to write engaging copy that demonstrates why your material is uniquely positioned to answer their questions and provide them with the value and information they seek. Consider these steps:

  • Think about the topic that you are writing about and what interests people in this subject. 
  • Create an SEO meta description that serves as an introduction to this piece, answering why your particular material is so much more valuable that the other results in the SERP.
  • Use the keyword naturally in your description to make your piece look more relevant and appealing.

While your SEO meta description might not be directly monitored by Google, it is still valuable real estate when it comes to boosting your brand reputation and reach. By creating an effective and optimized meta description, you will be able to appeal to readers and demonstrate to the search engines that you do have something of value to offer.

What are meta description keyword examples?

You can experiment with asking questions and testing readers knowledge in your description to get them interested in your article. An example of a meta description is, "Are you aware as to why meta descriptions are important? Discover more on the topic and how to optimize for meta descriptions." Here, 'meta descriptions' is the keyword you're optimizing for.