What is Marketing Automation?

You should practice email marketing automation - brightedgeWhat is digital marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a process that brands can use to effectively target their ideal audience with the right content at exactly the right time. Since the process is automated, brands can make sure that leads are followed up upon immediately, rather than having to worry about a delay before they can be contacted. Remember than an estimated 50 percent of sales go to the vendor that contacts a prospect first, so marketing automation can be a valuable resource in helping brands get in front of the crowd and connect with a new prospect or lead.

The brands that have begun to use automation report successful numbers, with 80 percent reporting an increase in leads and 77 percent saying they see an increase in conversions.

Execute Successful Email Campaigns

What is online marketing automation primarily used for?

Marketing automation involves setting up certain rules that dictate actions that will be completed in response to customers’ behaviors. For example, if a customer visits your pricing page but does not buy, they might receive a certain follow-up email that offers them a free trial or other enticing offer that fits with their activities on the website.

This type of care is also highly personalized since it is dependent upon someone’s individual behavior. Personalization is a central component of building a relationship with customers. It helps to show that you care about their needs. The rising importance of personalization will likely increase the prevalence of automation.

How do I start using marketing automation?

  1. Determine the actions that will be triggers with your marketing automation system, such a visiting a pricing page or downloading a free trial.
  2. Begin drafting emails that will be for particular people at certain points in their journeys.
  3. Get to know the people on your page, including details such as their location, the information they are looking at and the landing pages that convert them.
  4. Capture the information the lead offers on landing pages.
  5. Send out your triggered emails at the appropriate moments.
  6. Measure your results and make adjustments as needed.

Marketing automation can be an efficient way for brands to get the right content in front of people at the right time. Those interested in implementing these stages can see great results for their marketing efforts.