What is SlideShare?

Slideshare and Linkedin Collaboration - BrightEdgeWhat do LinkedIn and SlideShare have in common?

LinkedIn is the premier networking social media platform, helping businesses and professionals advertise themselves and their abilities to gain connections. It has more than 400 million members, and thanks to its reputation, the profiles created on the site rank highly for related queries on Google.

In 2012, LinkedIn announced that they were buying SlideShare, which is a platform that allows people to upload slideshows and presentations. The site receives about 70 million visitors and there are more than 18 million uploads on the site. It is also a well-regarded site by Google, so the content in the presentations often rank well on the SERPs.

Both platforms are heavily used by experienced professionals working to build themselves up as leaders in their field. When used wisely, you can leverage the two platforms together to build your exposure.

How does SlideShare and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to embed your SlideShare presentations in your profile, which helps to boost your profile and demonstrate thought leadership and expertise to the people who visit your page. Visitors can engage with your presentation through your profile or click through to SlideShare and engage with you and your brand on the platform. This can help increase traffic to your presentation, thereby increasing its position in the SlideShare internal algorithms. Raising your rank on SlideShare can further increase your visibility when people perform searches looking for presentations as well as increase the odds of your presentation appearing highly on Google SERPs for related queries.

Creating a quality presentation on SlideShare can also work in the reverse. SlideShare allows you to place links in your presentation to your website or LinkedIn profile. This will help build backlinks and drive traffic towards your LinkedIn profile. As more people visit your profile, your personal brand and your professional brand will have greater exposure and grow.

How can I leverage the SlideShare and LinkedIn connection?

  1. Upload a few of your most popular presentations to SlideShare. Choose ones that engage the audience while offering valuable, helpful information that demonstrates your expertise and leadership.
  2. Use engaging, interesting images in your presentation to make it as inviting as possible.
  3. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in the presentation.
  4. Build out your LinkedIn profile to ensure that all of the sections have been filled in well.
  5. Embed your presentation on your LinkedIn profile as a means of personal advertising
  6. Promote your presentation on SlideShare on other platforms as well to drive traffic

LinkedIn and SlideShare both have a number of benefits to offer professionals. Using them together can help promote your personal brand and raise the ranking and visibility on both sites together.

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