How To Report SEO To My Manager?

4 tips to communicate SEO to your manager

Successfully reporting your SEO progress to your manager can have a dramatic impact on the resources and budget available to you and your team. You want to make solid reports that will help your manager understand the progress of your SEO efforts and why your SEO progress has a positive impact on the rest of your business. Therefore, knowing how to report SEO to your manager can help your formulate presentations and documentation that will further help grow your SEO learn how to report seo progress to your manager - brightedgeefforts for your organization.

Use the below steps to report SEO to your manager:

  • Consider what matters most
  • Examine KPIs
  • Create a list of data
  • Create charts and graphs

1. Consider what matters most. Consider the points that matter the most to your manager. Think about the KPIs that your manager pays the most attention to. This will likely be influenced by who your manager has to report to as well. Consider the past presentations you have given and the KPIs that your manager inquired about the most. Think about the numbers that seemed to have the biggest impact on their opinions of your SEO program. This will help you know where to focus your efforts.

2. Examine KPIs. Examine the KPIs that you have tracked for your SEO campaigns and look at the ones that best demonstrate the progress you have made with your marketing efforts. SEO tends to be a non-linear effort. Often you work in a particular area improving your brand’s presence, but it might take a few weeks for the results of your efforts to begin to appear.

To help your manager and their superiors understand your progress, document that work you have done and the KPIs that help to cast your SEO efforts into a positive light. This will help you present a solid picture to your manager regarding your effort and the progress you make.

3. Create a list of data. Consider the KPIs you examined in steps one and two and combine them to create a list of targeted data that you will present to your manager. Your presentation should clearly demonstrate to your manager what they want to see while also documenting your SEO efforts and the progress you make.

4. Create charts and graphs. Create clear charts and graphs that demonstrate your important data points that your manager can understand at a glance. You want the information to be easily digestible so that they can understand the importance of your SEO program with little effort and pass it on to their superiors. A strong presentation will help you build the case for your needed budget and resources.

Understanding how to present important data to your manager can help you build support for your program and help your company leaders understand the importance of the work you do.