How to be Successful on YouTube?

How to be successful on YouTube?

YouTube offers marketers the opportunity to reach over a billion users. At the same time, however, since it is a 3rd party platform, it can be a challenge to know if your efforts are successful.

YouTube, since it reaches such a broad audience, typically is used for boosting brand engagement and awareness. Understanding how to monitor these factors will allow you to see how worthwhile your YouTube efforts have been and how you can produce better results in the future by using your data to streamline your efforts.

What does YouTube success look like?

Branded Traffic and Your Share of Voice

YouTube is a valuable tool for increasing your brand awareness. As you create engaging videos that help people better understand or learn about topics of interest, you expose them to your brand and what you have to offer. Monitoring your Share of Voice and Branded Traffic can be a good way to know if you succeed in this endeavor. The BrightEdge Share of Voice tool can be valuable to help you accomplish this goal.

Referral Traffic from YouTube

Make it easy for people to click through from YouTube to your brand website by including a link to your page in the description of the video and on your brand’s YouTube page. It is important to note that YouTube is not known for large amounts of referral traffic, so just because this number is low does not mean your videos are failing. Rather than looking at the number, you want to look at the pattern-- if the number increases, then you know your videos are having a positive impact.

YouTube analytics

YouTube also offers you a few different options for monitoring your video success right on the platform. You can measure engagement by tracking watch time insights. You can also monitor factors such as Likes and Dislikes, Audience Retention and Sharing, which all add valuable insights into what people think of your videos. Here is a complete list of the currently available analytics.

YouTube is a valuable resource for your organization to increase brand awareness and improve your reputation, but it can be a challenge to measure your success. Using these three main categories of metrics, however, will help you gain the insights you need to improve your YouTube strategy and integrate it into the rest of your campaign.

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