How To Track Your Social Media Success?

How is your social media doing? Learn how to properly track it

Social media offers brands incredible opportunities to improve awareness of their organization and improve their relationship with potential customers. Customers can reach out to organizations through social media, asking questions and gathering more information about potential solutions to their problem. This, in turn, helps to build more personal relationships with customers. It encourages people to turn to these trusted companies when it comes time to how to properly track your social media success - brightedge

Social media, therefore, has begun to have measurable influence over people’s buying decisions. An estimated 56 percent of people report that social media impacts their purchase decisions and nearly half of people say they have purchased items they discovered through social media.

To see this level of success, however, organizations need to know how to properly track their social media success. This will allow them to maximize all that this channel can offer their digital marketing strategy.

  • Track your engagement
  • Know how well your social pages drive traffic
  • Learn how often people discover you through social pages
  • Track brand mentions
  • Monitor ad campaigns

1. Track your engagement on your social channels. Your first measure of success should come from understanding exactly how people engage with your profile within the social platform itself. Look at how many people follow your organization, repost items you have posted, respond to your posts or questions, and otherwise engage with your content.

Remember that when your followers interact with your content, such as commenting on a Facebook post or retweeting a Twitter post, that activity also appears in the feeds of their followers. Encouraging this type of engagement can help with brand awareness.

Seeing increases or decreases in the engagement with your content can help you better understand the degree to which the content interests potential followers. You can better understand what they want to read and learn and what they want to see from your organization.

BrightEdge makes it easy for brands to track how people engage with your content, allowing you to track retweets and likes on your pages and posts.

2. Know how well your social pages drive people to your site. In addition to tracking engagement within your profile itself, you also want to see how that interaction impacts your site. See how many people click from your social profiles back to your site.

After you post pages on your social profiles, see how the traffic to that page responds using BrightEdge. You can also track the sources of clicks and traffic through Google Analytics.

3. Learn how often people discover your brand and products/services on social media. Knowing how often people make their first discovery of your brand, products, and services can provide you with an outstanding grasp of your social reach and influence. Speaking with new customers to learn more about where they heard of your organization can help you uncover this information.

4. Track brand mentions. Social media also provides an excellent means of getting your finger on the pulse of how people feel about your brand and industry. Setting up alerts to track when people discuss your brand can help you follow these conversations and respond appropriately.

5. Monitor your ad campaigns. Social media ads can also provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand to a relevant audience. Use the tools within the social platform to track your engagement with the ad and see how it influences behavior on your profile as well as the number of followers for your organization.

Social media offers a number of opportunities for bands to engage with their target audience and build awareness and drive leads. Knowing how to track this progress can help you get the most out of the channel.