5 Tips for SEO in Australia

The complex, constantly changing world of search engine optimization can feel a lot like standing on the golden beaches of Australia: the sands of SEO never stop shifting under your feet. Google’s algorithm updates continually change the game, requiring content marketers and SEOs in Australia to remain light on their feet and adapt their strategies to remain competitive. In fact, 82% of Australian marketers surveyed by Content Marketing Institute say that they are investing in content marketing. Yet, only 28% report that their usage of content marketing is effective.

In this dynamic landscape, it’s crucial to have an integrated content and SEO technology that can peek behind the curtain to reveal the true search intent of your target audience. It’s also important that your keyword research solution allows you to go beyond the domain and analyze your site - and your competitors' - at the page URL level, so you can effectively target specific topic and content strategies for your full spectrum of products, services and business objectives.

Here are five tips to help you maintain your sanity and success in the Australian SEO game.use brightedge to develop your seo in australia

1. Know where your SEO stands

Creating a successful SEO strategy begins with a clear understanding of where you stand today. Search marketers in Australia now have unfettered access to real-time and historical research for topic and content trends via BrightEdge’s Data Cube. As one of the best SEO companies in Australia, BrightEdge arms marketers with the essential means to research and report on key SEO insights. The BrightEdge Data Cube now gives you insight into how your site is trending – and that of your competitors – at both domain and page URL level.

2. Identify your biggest opportunities

Now that you know where your SEO in Australia stands, you’ll want to identify what are the low-hanging-fruit topics that can provide you with easy wins. These are the keywords for which your site is currently ranking on page two. BrightEdge Data Cube can help you research into that. Even better, you can identify exactly what types of content will help you target these keywords to deliver the greatest SEO benefits, including images, videos, carousels, places, local 3-pack, and Google Quick Answers.

Furthermore, Data Cube has advanced filtering capabilities that allow you to narrow your research with a number of parameters. For instance, you can focus your research to only look at keywords with 1000 more searches per month. To make it even more specific: you can search with several conditions all at once, such as “show me only keywords that contain certain 'sydney attraction', with more than 1000 searches per month, and currently rank on page two."

3. Win with data trending

Immediate information, right down to the hyper-local or micro-moments, are indispensable to adjust content strategy and meet the needs of consumers in a specific place or time. However, changing the course of your campaign by making quick assumptions can also take you off-track from a winning strategy.

For example, maybe you’ve noticed that your overall page two listings are growing. Your alarm will be set off immediately...but do these changes indicate content decay or new opportunities? Trended data allows you to step back and examine the bigger picture. Then you’re able to take informed actions to adjust your Australian SEO tactics for sustainable wins.

4. Analyze competition

Good search engine optimization always includes a focused competitive strategy. Data Cube can shine a light on keywords that are delivering big wins for your competitors, but for which you may not even be ranking. Trending data also gives you insight into how and where your competition is winning or losing, not just in the moment, but over time.

Additionally, Data Cube can show you how your competitors are approaching content strategy overall. Are they learning and improving over time? Are there distinct patterns in their strategy that you can exploit? Do they lack a methodical approach altogether, indicated by the trended data that they’re all over the map, and trying to find something that sticks? Site Comparison within Data Cube gives you all of this powerful competitive knowledge to enable you stay agile and informed.

5. Protect your SEO equity during site migrations

Imagine you've successfully implemented a winning SEO and content marketing program, and are ready to hit the surf: the last thing you want, is any damage to your SEO equity. Even led with "first no harm" rule, any redesign, or migration to your website might deliver a hit to your SEO rankings. BrightEdge ContentIQ is a powerful product that will give you detailed information about the key site metrics before and after a site migration. For a quick spot check, you can use Trended data in Data Cube to see if your overall Data Cube score is increasing or reducing after the site migration.

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